View Full Version : Good small gas chainsaw?

11-19-11, 7:03am
As DH faces challenges with his breathing, basic maintenance chores are left undone on our farm. He has some larger chainsaws like Husqvarna and Poulan that are too heavy for me to operate.
Brush needs clearing around our fields to keep the sumacs from taking over the fields and some trees are sprouting in the hayfields. I cut down some yesterday with a small handsaw but that gets tiring very fast.

Any suggestions for a good small (meaning light) chainsaw that I can use?

11-19-11, 7:39am
My husband has a small Poulan arborist chainsaw (I don't know if brand makes a difference) that he can put on his belt with a lanyard but I use a Ryobi battery powered chainsaw. I've cut through 6" diameter limbs with no problem. I have 2 batteries and they have never run out of power before I run out of power. A windstorm blew a tree down over the road in front of our house recently and I cut enough to get it out of the road with the Rybobi. If your project is mostly brush, the Ryobi battery chainsaw is light weight and will do the job.

11-19-11, 10:36am
Around here, Stihl and Husqvarna are the brands everyone seems to want. We have a mid-sized Stihl, which works great, but it is exhausting to use when you're trying to cut many small things. Our neighbor has a tiny Stihl that he says is perfect for those tasks. I don't know the model number, but you might look at those.