View Full Version : Grant writers: how do you manage workflow?

11-21-11, 5:23pm
I'm a grant writer on staff at a large behavioral health agency (serving people with mental illness and substance use disorders), relatively new to the agency (7 months) and to grant writing (2.5 years). It's a great agency with vibrant, energetic people, but I'm feeling a bit inunndated by a slew of proposals, reports, research, meetings and meetings and meetings that make up my days.

How do others track their work, research, keep up with active grants with program people, and incorporate upcoming agency needs into proposals. Wow. That's a lot!

Thanks in advance.

11-21-11, 10:15pm
I keep a rigorous calendar of deadlines... and I try to be sure folks asking me for a turnaround know what my schedule is.

I also go to regular meetings of the Puget Sund Grantwriter's Association, in Seattle, for support!

Have you checked out Susan Howlett's new edition of Getting Funded? It's a fantastic book!

Zoe Girl
11-22-11, 10:31am
Wow, I didn't know that grant writers had groups. i am getting into more of the grant type field and would like to add that to my list of things to learn. One thing I did learn by listening in on many things is that the grant community is a huge network and you have to know the people and players to get the best chance of having your grant approved. So all those meeting seem to be essential after all, at least for networking.

I don't have advice but I wanted to listen in on this.

11-22-11, 10:51am
Zoe Girl, get Susan Howlett's revised edition of Getting Funded. It will be very helpful for you.