View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving!

11-24-11, 1:25pm
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it! May today be a wonderful day of warmth, gratitude, and peace.

11-24-11, 2:18pm
Happy Thanksgiving

Our house smells so good with the Turkey cooking...even if I don't eat it! Got up and ran a 5K "Turkey Stuffer" run this a.m. It was great - no rain! :)

We have so much to be thankful for - especially our family who will be gathering here for dinner later today. A warm home, good food, good company - and as my wife would say THANKSGIVING DAY FOOTBALL GAMES (she yells at the TV)! :laff:

11-24-11, 2:49pm
We're headed to a potluck later today. After coffee, I will commence making the ginger cake pear pumpkin pecan spiced rum trifle I am bringing. DH will roast root veggies. Yumm!

11-24-11, 3:07pm
We had a turkey dinner yesterday and today the house is redolent with the smell of turkey soup in its beginning stages. I'm very grateful for all of you in our vitrual community.

11-24-11, 3:15pm
Excellent!! We are headed out to the meal now. Good times!

Thanksgiving is my fave holiday for two reasons: It's such a wonderful thing to take time to think about blessings. Any day, really, but especially nice to have everyone doing it at once.

The other is that I feel this is the only "all-American" holiday. Anyone, regardless of religion, national origin or politics, can stop and take time to be grateful.

11-24-11, 8:45pm
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. May you enjoy the day, weekend and/or holiday as it evolves in your life!