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11-24-11, 4:31pm
Hi there everyone!

It's Lucas here, in Spain... I've been pondering getting rid of my television altogether, or at the very least minimising its 'presence' in my life... the only problem is I live with my partner, who has two little boys, and I can't very well expect them to give up their favourite cartoons! Has anyone else had any experience of quitting TV whilst still living with TV-lovers? One compromise I'd though of was putting the 'idiot box' in another room, where it's not there staring at me all the time... If anyone else has any experience with this little conundrum, or any pointers, I'd lover to hear from you! I'm a relative novice to the simplicity journey.... thank you friends!


11-24-11, 5:47pm
What a good idea! Well, perhaps not getting rid of it entirely if it would damage your relationship, but I would strongly, strongly suggest putting the TV in a place where you do not have to see it/hear it if you do not want to.

This has helped us stay together as partners. I do not want much to do with the thing; it irritates me and interrupts my peace of mind. He likes to watch soccer and the occasional program (perhaps 4 hours total per week). So we have the TV in a room away from the main living area where I can be free of it. What a huge difference that makes for me!

When did it get to the point where we (as humans) had to have a television right in the middle of our lives at all times? Or a TV in multiple rooms of the house? Or leave the stupid thing turned on all day long? I am not a fan of television and I don't think it's required for happiness.

Good for you Lucas! :)

11-24-11, 7:22pm
yes I have given up tv and I live with a semi tv guy. I can say I have never turned ithe TV on in ??I do not remember how long,,,year? It is on in the evening and I just block it out like right now Football is on. It is like a back ground noise to me now nothing else. I can not change others or the world, just myself.

11-25-11, 12:54am
It does seem reasonable to locate the TV in a room that is not the general "living space" for all in the family. TV tends to "take over" any space where it is when it is on, making it very difficult to ignore. Hopefully, you and your partner can talk this out, come to some kind of compromise where they are not prevented from enjoying it if they like, yet you are able to enjoy removing yourself from it.

Certainly, limiting TV watching by children is a good goal, and being a role model yourself for doing other things instead can be a powerfully good example. Although, given the addictive nature of TV, and the love of kids for it, probably will require limits to be imposed by the adults, for sure.

It's like anything else where people live together in the same home, but have different tastes and activities. You try to find some way for each to get their needs met without infringing on the others, if it can be helped.

Good luck......really reducing or even eliminating TV watching is an excellent first step toward simplifying your life, because elimination of much of those "buying messages" helps a lot with the desire to buy stuff.......

11-25-11, 2:48am
I quit watching in 1981. My DH grew up without one. We have one for streaming Netflix, and the teens gamed on it. Interestingly, they watched TV at their mom's house when they visited her, as she watches it, but didn't living with us. The last time I watched an actual show was the state of the union address 2 years ago. It's in a cupboard in a spare room, and having it behind closed doors is awesome.

11-25-11, 3:15am
we don't have tv. we download shows that interest us, and we rent videos/shows that interest us. it works very well.

11-25-11, 4:52am
I have a tv and very rarely ever watch it, unless maybe once a week something on PBS or for viewing DVD's. Eliminating tv viewing was not a consious decision on my part, it just sort of happened. When I was younger I watched tv for hours on end, and now its almost like I have grown out of it. I do think there is some good programming scattered here and there, but I prefer to buy season of whatever it is that I like and then watch at my will, such as with season four of Mad Men that I just bought for 7.99 and yes I am glowing a bit over that deal. I do believe there is an exposure to a lot of subtle and not so subtle messages to buy buy buy and your life will look like this, or you will be popular or happy or others will envy you - a complete crock as far as I am concerned, and also a disconnect from reality. Had I children I would not want them to be exposed these messages constantly! Isolating the TV to a room where the OP would not have to deal with it does sound like a good compromise, as not everyone is going to feel the need to unplug from it unfortunately, and when I was a kid I had to have me my cartoons lol.

11-25-11, 10:54am
I only use my TV to watch DVD's from the library a couple of times a week, if that. Otherwise, it functions as a shelf for my black metal raven candle holder.

11-25-11, 11:03am
I have a TV, Roku box, and DVD player. No cable, no antenna. And the computer. It's worked well.

I haven't checked it out but I think Netflix now has a kids oriented online thingy as well.

11-26-11, 9:39am
Lucas we got rid of tv when my son was young. It wasn't that big a deal. He complained a little bit but soon learned how to entertain himself by actually doing things, rather than sitting and zoning out. As he got older he became an avid reader, runner and enjoyed listening to radio shows (theater) and talk radio for entertainment. We did bring tv back when he was at teen, as an experiment. We had it for two years and dropped it again. Our then 17 year old son's response: "It's about time".

If your partner is ok with the kids not having access to tv, I'd say go for it. Just be prepared for kids who need direction in terms of what to do with their down time.

11-26-11, 11:11am
Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for your replies... it's really helpful to get other people's experience with this little issue.. I think I'm going to shift the TV into the 'box room' (the little spare room we have for guests and storage)... I'll have a chat with my partner about it first, of course... I think the idea of having the 'idiot box' shut off beheind doors, in some sort of cupboard, is a great idea too...

When I think about it, its amazing how much time I have allowed the cathode ray steal from me... I have to confess I am one of those football addicts ('soccer', for you americans!)... but apart from the occasional game, about once a week, I don't even really enjoy anything on the box... yet it seems to stay on, so much of the time, nonetheless... time to get it unplugged and put in its place! And out of my way...

Thanks everyone... I hope you are all keeping well...