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12-3-11, 5:41pm
I used to have a shredder. I did a huge purge of paper files and burned up the motor. I didn't really have a good place to put another one and didn't want to spend the money. So now when I have a paper with information that needs protecting, I tear it into strips and crush it up under running water until it is all fused, sort of like paper mache. I doubt anyone could disentangle that, and more importantly they won't try, they'll move on to someone easier.

For years I didn't have a printer. The cost of ink seemed like highway robbery, and most things I wanted to keep I could save as Word files or in an email sub-folder - those jokes and clever things circulating the internet. For a while I did go to the library and print out the worker agreement for one of the companies I secret shop for. That worked great for the odd page or two here and there. Then the shopping company changed to all electronic, so there was nothing to print, but they required the receipts to be scanned in and uploaded to their site. My library doesn't offer scanning, so I bought what turned out to be an inexpensive all in one for @$60, deductible from my shopping income. I still almost never print anything, but I can if I need to.

12-3-11, 7:06pm
As society makes the shift to less fossil fuel, the alternatives will become increasingly important. You have a head start.

Square Peg
12-3-11, 9:41pm
I have done that with important papers. Also, bonfires can keep papers out of the wrong hands :)

I hear ya on printer costs. I am in graduate school and find the need to print tons of articles. I can't read them well on the computer, I like to hold, highlight, and refer back quickly. I have found ways to cut down the costs though. I have a laser jet printer. It prints about 2000 pages. So, this cut down on the costs significantly. I found a deal online where I purchased refurbished (probably off brand) toner cartridges. I got 10 for $110. That is the price for 2 at Staples, so that is a deal. I set my printer to printer 2 or 4 sheets per page and print on the back side, so this saves a lot on paper. I also shake the cartridge when it is starting to give out. That will get me at least 100 more pages.

iris lily
12-3-11, 10:00pm
We don't have a shredder. Many paper items DH will burn in the fireplace.

We have a printer, but only black and white.

12-4-11, 4:58pm
We do have a small shredder that has served us well for quite a few years. I believe we "bought" it with points when we belonged to a Nielsen shopping panel.
When we bought our first computer in 2000, we decided to put off a printer until later. It turns out that we've still never felt the need for one.

12-5-11, 12:14am
I either burn the paper or use it for compost.

12-5-11, 9:40am
I was reflecting this morning that my laptop has replaced several things I used to have:

All my music is in the computer. I have no stereo, CD player, etc. No radio in the house either, just in the car.

All my pictures are in the computer too, no bulky albums around the house. (yes, there is backup - out of state)

It will play movies also, though I usually don't bother. And audio books, and language lessons.....

Once I forgot to watch Design Star and was able to watch it online; likewise back episodes of Colbert Report, etc.

I have Word or Kindle versions of several books in the laptop, as well as all of my own writings and a digital copy of my mother's biography. Between that and getting light fiction from the library, I only own 5 physical books.

It has a calculator, calendar, online dictionaries, encyclopedias.

When my overnight bag wore out, it occurred to me I could put toiletries in the outer pocket of my laptop case, and lay a change of clothes inside with the laptop, so I didn't replace the overnight bag.

Really, if I had to evacuate, the laptop and cell phone, and money, would be nearly all I'd need - purse, laptop case, a duffle of clothes and shoes, and away I go!

Miss Cellane
12-5-11, 2:58pm
I tear off the important bits of paper, rip those into tiny pieces and then toss them in the bag that holds the scoopings of the cat's litter box. I figure if someone really wants to get that information, they can, but the average identity thief will move on to easier prey.

12-5-11, 3:54pm
I use a friend's shredder. It doesn't make sense for everyone in the neighborhood to own one.

I try to avoid printing as much as possible. DH has a printer (came free with the computer) and he gets the little cartridges refilled (it's still pricey.)

For photos, it is cheaper to have prints done by a service (we use Costco.) They are just a few cents each, and the quality is great.