View Full Version : when you are the most positive in the room

Zoe Girl
12-8-11, 4:38pm
Argh, so things were going much better. I am getting along with the supervisor better, all that good stuff. And then we went to a wonderful training today and at the end our discussion went back to the 'staff has been told to do X Y and Z, it isn't being done'. I was the only one who even tried to stand up for staff I think. The deal is they are supposed to go to the office every day when they get to work, then as parents come in and pick up kids every single person is supposed to greet every single person. This training was about addressing assumptions and diversity by getting to know the children and families, so of course it is seen that we do not know our families because of not following this. Apparently my supervisor has been out and this is not being done.

Okay, to me it is just very different to say 'I told them to do this, they are not doing this, what else are we going to have to do, I am reminding them and then writing people up'. and saying something else that at least tells me some people are talking to some parents and we need to improve. I don't want to argue that we need improvement, we do. We need in on curriculum and engagement and parent interaction and paperwork and outreach family nights and, well basically I am not going to sit down and ask the staff to work with me because everything they do sucks. Is it really weird to push for the positive to be noticed so we can build on it to where we need to get? Feeling kinda alone in this,