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12-10-11, 12:29pm
How many coats or jackets do you own? I'm driving myself crazy trying to pare mine down. I feel like I should only have two - one for Winter and one for warmer weather (jackets are still necessary in Summer here!), but it hasn't worked out that way since I like to have practical options and more sophisticated/formal ones. I currently own:

- A casual lightweight cotton hooded jacket
- A short black formal jacket
- A casual all-season waterproof jacket
- A long woolen coat
- A shorter coat that's so cute I can't bear to get rid of it even though it doesn't keep me as warm as the woolen one!

What about you?

12-10-11, 1:46pm
Probably too many.

Long black down coat. Finally! Got it last year, love it, warm and looks nice enough for dressy in winter.
Short warm jacket. Good for late fall.
Short black wool coat, suitable for early fall.
Gore-Tex raincoat.
Another rain jacket (this is the one that I should purge but it is lighter than the Gore Tex).
Running jackets (2) One newer, one older. I wear them over fleece for xc skiing.
Two fleece jackets.

I actually use all of these so I have trouble relinquishing any but my mind tells me that I have too many. We do have a varied climate here, though.

Miss Cellane
12-10-11, 3:12pm
I live in northern New England. It gets cold here. I know I have too many coats and jackets, but I do wear them all.

Long black raincoat with zip-in lining
Long black wool coat (for when I'm walking/taking public transportation--it keeps more of me warmer than the short coat)
Short black wool coat (for when I'm taking my car; the shorter length is more convenient)
Fleece jacket (indoor wear in winter; outdoor wear in spring/fall)
Windbreaker (for cool summer nights; with fleece jacket in spring/fall; it's also water-proof so useful when the raincoat would be too hot)
Red leather jacket (just because I like it)
Denim jacket
Red parka (for long stretches outdoors in winter--shoveling snow, hiking, etc.)

Plus (yes, there's more!)
1 windbreaker and 1 old battered parka that pretty much live in the trunk of the car for emergencies

12-10-11, 5:21pm
I live in MI and like Miss Cellane I too have perhaps too many, but wear them all. The weather changes oftne and it gets really cold to just sort of cold in the winter, so have to be prepared. Same in the fall and spring. I don't really buy any new that often, this year just one for dress. They last forever if you have a few.

12-10-11, 7:48pm
Oh, boy, where to start...

Everyone in the family has fleece jackets. Love 'em! I own two! Shame on me...
Add to that, two dress coats. Both formal, one full-length, the other half-length. (One black, the other, olive).
Sun-Ice, waterproof jacket/pants set (DH bought me). My favourite for walking/miserable/dreary days.
3/4 length pigskin coat. Medium brown colour, casual, w/cinch-cord waist. My day to day favourite coat. Parka length.
Columbia, winter coat. Parka length.

12-10-11, 8:23pm
I have a heavy peacoat, with a hood. I have a heavy fleece with a hood. Two light fleeces with hoods.

12-11-11, 1:16pm
Several and wear them all in all kinds of weather, social occasions, walking the dog twice a day.

12-11-11, 6:01pm
I live in a climate that varies from -10 degrees F to 105 degrees F. In my work environment, I spend most of my time with ill/frail elderly who are in control of the thermostat. I wear layers in winter as my day goes from 0 degrees F to 80+ degrees in minutes.

one fleece shirt
one knit jacket
one down jacket

Most of my travel time is spent in car. If I had to travel by bus or walk, I would get a longer coat.

12-11-11, 9:19pm
I own one hooded fleece-lined jacket. I bought this one a couple of years ago after I retired the one I had for about 15 years. I live in MN. I only wear a coat if I'm out walking and it's colder than mid-40's. Otherwise, I prefer sweaters.

12-12-11, 6:54am
too many I'm sure. Winter pea coat coat suitable for work, raincoat suitable for work, casual raincoat suitable for hiking, fleece coats for spring/fall (one to wear out, one for working in the yard), winter coat for shoveling snow, down vest for winter, fleece vest for hiking in fall/spring, one long dress coat for winter. Other than the last one, I wear them all regularly.

12-12-11, 8:04am
I have a lot of coats and I wear them all. Long down coat with hood for the bitter cold; long wool coat for dressier occasions when it's not extremely cold; medium parka for average MN winter weather; lightweight winter jacket for late fall and early spring; lightweight raincoat; windbreaker; jeans jacket; down vest; and snow pants for when it's exceptionally cold.

12-12-11, 9:27pm
Coats & jackets are one thing that I don't mind having "too many" of, especially if I notice that I wear them at least a couple of times per year. I don't like getting cold. My favorite is a long wool dress coat that's pleasantly heavy and well-made. The rest range from good rain gear to a couple of good hooded fleeces. Here in CO, it can be below zero for a high one day, and in the 60's the next. Hard to predict what I'll need.

12-13-11, 8:47am
I have a long black raincoat, a short black raincoat, and a parka. I got rid of FIVE other coats I had in the last move, including one that I hadn't worn in so long that I was unaware a mouse had moved into its sleeve and made its own mouse condo out of chewed lining fibers! :(

12-18-11, 1:08pm
I'm overstocked on coats. I've often wondered what's behind it. I came from a slightly warmer climate than where I am now, so that's part of it. Another thing is that I walk a lot and I'm downtown in a large city quite a bit, and there are things about the city that I simply hate - constant unwanted approaches, traffic danger, and interaction. Coats are a kind of daily armour for me, necessary for my psychological survival!

A pink pea coat that my husband liked. I wanted to get the navy one, but he said that one looked like every other coat I have. I feel self-conscious in the hot pink and have never actually worn it outside. I'm working up to it though.

A tobacco-colored leather jacket with a slanted zipper. The motorcycle fit makes my waist look smaller. Too hot in summer, not warm enough for winter, but pretty good for fall.

A bronze-gold fake leather zip jacket that people always gush over (because they think it's real and have no idea I only paid 30 bucks for it, lol!). Not warm enough for winter, but I can wear it at work instead of a blazer - hipper looking.

A black mid-length wool coat with a hood that's perfect for just about everything - I can wear it 3/4 of the year. It has a belt which I don't love though, so the ends are always flapping around because I'm too lazy to tie it.

A black wool/cashmere blend Versace coat with a slightly military feel that I found somewhere on sale. It was so insanely cheap I had to get it, even though it's too small across the chest. I wear it in the fall when it's still warm enough to wear something unbuttoned. The fabric is so amazing - lightweight and warm at the same time. My only luxury item!

A single breasted purple wool coat that hits just about my knees, looks cute with boots in fall and winter. Not super warm, but I can layer under it. It's an unusual color, and people just stare at me in this thing. I can't tell if it's because I look great in it, or it's just weird looking! To hell with it, I love the coat!

I recently bought a trendy jacket similar to a type that jillions of young girls in my city wear this time of year, usually with jeans and knee boots or over-the-thigh boots. It's a short black hooded nylon jacket, slim fit, with some sort of technology that makes it non-bulky and pretty warm at the same time - found it at a site called Prana Clothing. The hood is big enough not to muss my hair too much, and it's super practical. It's my current favorite coat, even though I look like every single 22 year old in my city (which makes me feel like I'm getting away with something, lol)

I had a lightweight Anne Klein raincoat with a ruffled collar that I found at a Ross. It was cute and waterproof, great for work events I often have to do. But the sleeves were always barfing up the linings which came out and pushed themselves over my knuckles. I know I liked it, though, because I wore the crap outta that thing. I'd like to find another classic black raincoat that would button over my chest, fit right and be warm enough as well as waterproof. Just hard to find it all :)

12-19-11, 5:26am
Lots...! Including

4 or 5 heavier weight coats - it can be cold and wet here for 8 months of the year (or so it seems!)
3 macs - one Burberry, 2 fashion ones.
Suit jackets - probably 10 or so
A Barbour waxed jacket
A full length drizabone Australian waxed coat - not quite to floor-length, stops about midway between knee and ankle!
Navy blue reefer (pea?) jacket
And a few more.....!

12-19-12, 2:48pm
Too many I'm sure but I want one more. I have a long navy woollen coat, a shorter black donkey jacket, an Alpha MA-1 flight jacket, an Alpha N3-B parka, an Arcteryx Atom SV hoody and an Arcteryx Khuno parka. I love them all and wear all of them.

12-19-12, 3:25pm
If one loves & wears one's clothing, how is that too many? IMHO, too many is when it is unworn or uncared for.

12-19-12, 3:34pm
I have a couple of lightweight 3/4 length coats, fleece vests, and a barn jacket. My outerwear should last for years, as I rarely use it.

12-19-12, 3:46pm
... an Alpha MA-1 flight jacket, an Alpha N3-B parka...
Reminds me of my Air Force days. I'd love to have either of those again.

12-19-12, 6:11pm
I have a long winter coat that is waterproof (Land's End Stadium Squall - I love it.) And I have a waterproof slicker. I have a ski jacket that dd and I both wear. That's it.

12-19-12, 9:44pm
One winter coat (casual)
One blue jean jacket for warmer weather
One fleece jacket for in between

Mrs. Hermit
12-19-12, 11:08pm
Black long wool coat, fleece anorak, raincoat, 5 blazers and 2 jacket-like sweaters. I keep one down coat for when we visit up North in the winter. Since I hurt more if I get cold, I keep a bunch of coats I like.

12-19-12, 11:36pm
I own exactly ONE coat - a black wool swing coat from Land's End.

My spring coat died last year at the age of 15. I've never bothered to replace it. I'm always hot, and I just wrap a shawl around me or wear a sweater.

12-20-12, 6:16am
I wear either one black raincoat or one black winter coat. Makes an easy choice. Oh, and they last forever. I got my last winter coat at a garage sale and finally am getting rid of it (although I love it) because it has just started to fray at the edges.

All my coats have to be washable.

12-23-12, 8:22am
If one loves & wears one's clothing, how is that too many? IMHO, too many is when it is unworn or uncared for.
True, but for some reason if it's not something I'm using multiple times a month at least, I always wonder if it's really necessary... I need to come to terms with the fact that I can't have as few items as I'd really like if I want to dress appropriately based on the occasion and the weather!

I like how this thread was revived exactly a year after it died!

12-23-12, 9:21am
Just counted. Eleven actual coats. (Not counting fleeces, blazers and hoodies.) One is a suede jacket that I need to get rid of and another is a ski jacket that is swimming on me and I never wear. Also need to ditch. So if I purged what I don't need/ever wear, I'm down to 9 which is still about 6 too many.