View Full Version : Switch Home Phone To Cheaper "Measured" Service?

1-16-11, 8:11am
So I actually decided to read the small print in this little informative brochure my phone company sent me about services/policy. And I was amazed to find something called "Local Mesured Service."

Instead of paying a flat $16 for unlimited local phone calls, with the "measured" service you would pay $10 and receive 3 hours of local phone time per month. Anything beyond that would be 2 cents a minute.

Since I rarely talk on the phone, I am thinking about switching.

I am going to ask them though, if 1-800 numbers count against you??? I do make a few long distance calls on a phone card.

I have also heard that incoming calls do not count, but I will ask to be sure.

According to my calculations, I would have to talke 8 hours a month before I'd be charged more than my current $16 flat rate.

I could potentially save $70 a year! Which I think is a huge savings per year!

Anyone used Measured Service before? Anything good or bad about it?

1-16-11, 10:37am
My parents did this (I assume dad still does). They also had no long distance carrier selected since they could buy phone cards that had much lower rates. It seemed to work well for them.

1-16-11, 1:49pm
AT&T is our local phone company do you know it they offer measured service?

1-17-11, 3:43pm
I had this w/ATT when it was $8 a month plus 8cents per outgoing call(not inclusing 800 calls) and figured my break even point was 90 calls a month. There were some additional charges or taxes too. It worked well fior me for at about 9 years since I used my cell for long distance and emergencies. After ATT raised my land, cell, and net rates and said they couldn't get them lower I went to Cricket and a dry ATT DSL. This works for me now.

1-18-11, 5:04pm
The phone company said NO. They said I had to keep the Flat Rate because I have internet. I have DSL internet. I would understand more so if my internet dialed out a number. Not sure if this is right of them or not. But Oh Well.

What is cricket?

1-19-11, 6:00pm
Someone on the ol site said that it is a requirement(part of a law suit settlement) for the larger providers to offer dry dsl. Unfortunately, I can't go back to find it. This link will tell you how it works: http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4587166_dry-loop-dsl-work.html . You might search about on your providers web site and see what you can find.
Cricket is a wireless provider with flat rate service and no contract required. I've unlimited local, long distance, text and internet(smartphone) for $55 a month, a savings for me.