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12-12-11, 8:45am
Hello Speakers, Study Group hosts, etc!
In addition to posting at www.financialintegrity.org/speakers (http://www.financialintegrity.org/index.php?title=Speakers), please feel free to post your offerings here.

I know Gordon Morrow is offering a 10-week class starting January 10th in Toronto. See www.timeandmoneyconnection.com (http://www.timeandmoneyconnection.com) for more information on his class.

1-10-14, 1:34pm
A Financial Integrity class being taught on Whidbey Island (10 weeks starting ? - postponed)

Here's the text from the announcement.

When you think about your finances, do you feel peaceful and at ease?
Does your material life serve your needs and goals?
Is it aligned with your hopes for your family, your community, the world?
Perhaps you could use some support … ?

For over 40 years, there’s been a path to prosperity that works because it infuses down-to-earth business fiscal practices with a radical approach to change your relationship with money. You can find free self-education tools and resources related to the Financial Integrity Program at www.financialintegrity.org. This ten-session course was developed for those who want the support of facilitated group learning, guiding you through implementing 9 steps to:

• Break free from the debt trap
• Outline a sensible path to sustained financial prosperity
• Align your employment, spending and investment decisions with your values and lifetime goals

(10 weeks starting ? - postponed)
(Get your finances in good shape by tax time!)

Location: South Whidbey
Sliding Scale: $150-250, couples discounts
(50% due at first class, balance payable at course completion once you see what you've accomplished)

Instructors are Rose Hughes & John Lovie, two "FI'ers" with over 30 years
of teaching and coaching between them. Students have said of past classes:

*** The effect this had was “huge – it helped me uncover my unconscious patterns
with money and personal values & make appropriate changes.”

*** “As a couple- it gave ‘safe ground’ for talking about our relationships to money.
Put compassion into the mix. Gave us real tools to apply for a lifetime.”

Email to register:

1-12-14, 2:57pm
Too bad it was postponed but I would imagine the weather is not too good?

1-12-14, 6:20pm
Weather not good? Hey, the moss loves it. I guess I've gotten used to our ten month perpetual forecast: about 50 degrees, with about a 50% chance of rain, and winds of about 10mph. After a few decades it just seems normal, eh? All the more reason to stay indoors and attend a class - after we reschedule it. ;)

Gerald Iversen
3-28-14, 4:07pm
If you'd like a spark or diversion for yourself or your group, listen to my recent interview with Vicki Robin -- Simple Living Works! podcast, episode #17 at