View Full Version : Going less-paper in an industry that's more-paper?

12-12-11, 1:40pm
I'd be interested in hearing from those of you who have gone less-paper in an industry that's more paper.

Some you might remember that I'm in international shipping. Www have to keep a file on each shipment. Some shipping documents are still in original, negotiable paper form - and going digital is not an option at all. Period.

I'm now beginning to work on the customs brokerage side, in addition to the actual transportation side. We are required by customs to keep certain documents in paper form, for seven years! No way around it.

So I'd appreciate suggestions on going less-paper that aren't just "print less." I already do that. But there is plenty I DO have to print. By US gov't regulations.


12-12-11, 3:14pm
I was surprised to read this- even the IRS accepts scanned documents. Then I saw that this group is trying to change the laws to allow electronic records: http://www.fiata.com/index.php?id=466