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12-13-11, 3:12am
Here are some statistics from our first year:
November 29th set an all-time high with 425 people visiting the forums. (Avg user activity is usually in the 200s.)
September 8th was an all-time high day for posting of new threads with 23 new threads. November 22nd followed with 22 new threads started. (Not counting January which seeded the new forums.)
Record posting day was Feb 23rd with 324. Next highest: 271 on Sept. 8th. (This does not count January's flurry.)
208 different members were actively posting on September 6th.
November 29th also set an all-time high for registration processing -- 254! Number two day was Dec. 10th with 214, and number three day was December 2nd with 195. Unfortunately these crazy numbers are a result of this autumn's inundation by spam-bots -- each one having to be researched and banned. Special thanks to lhamo and Gimmethesimplelife for their tremendous work throwing the bums out! (Not to mention previously loosechickens, working single-handedly!)

Approximately 30-35 people have donated money for SLF operations since 1/1/2011. (Because some people didn't indicate an SLF designation, we don't have exact numbers -- this assumes unspecified Paypal donations were intended for SLF.)

12-13-11, 9:48pm
Earlier this year I made a donation using the big orange donate button, but I don't remember doing any designation for SLF. Did I miss something? How should we make sure the SLF is designated?

12-14-11, 2:01am
Thanks for contributing, Thinkgreen! Please see the other thread regarding donations:

12-16-11, 6:13am
Some interesting stats, for those who were asking about how traffic here compares to other forums. I just had a look at the forums on the Get Rich Slowly website. Get Rich Slowly has a huge readership, and has just been named to the Time Best Blogs list for at least the second year in a row. So the site gets a lot of traffic, probably much more than ours. Granted, a lot of discussion there takes place in the comments section of the blog, but they do also have a forum section. Here are their stats for a forum that looks like it was started in April 2007 (over 4.5 years ago):

GRS Forum Members: 5,997
GRS Topics: 5,317
GRS Posts: 59,262

In comparison, here are the SLF stats for under one year of operation, as of the time of this post:

SLF Members: 947
Threads: 3509
Posts: 56,732

I don't know -- what do you guys think. Do we win the "active forum" smackdown against GRS? Not that I'm competitive or anything ;)


12-16-11, 5:54pm
Thanks for the stats, Rozie, and yes, Lhamo, win we do! Wow! Now if we could just get more members actively participating (and donating), this really would be the best place in the world Re: virtual communities.

12-17-11, 1:01am
Thanks for the tip on a new website to check out. I'm gonna go see what they are talking about :0)

12-18-11, 8:55am
Ilhamo: That was really interesting, since I love GRS but have always been surprised and disappointed in the lack of activity on that site's forum. So we're actually a pretty lively group here at SLN given our size :)

12-18-11, 8:42pm
It looks like we're doing good. I looked at the GRS site and wasn't impressed. The Financial Integry home site plus these forums seems to be so much more comprehensive or wholistic and goes beyong money issues into establishing a quality lifestyle...as in your money or your life. I guess they promote it more somehow. Looks like they have quite a few distracting and obnoxious ads, too. Funny how it works out.

12-18-11, 9:00pm
I just had a look at the forums on the Get Rich Slowly website. Thanks for posting about this site. I wasn't aware of it before. Nice addition to my favorites list.