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Zoe Girl
12-14-11, 10:01am
I am losing my mind, and ya know I struggle with that as it is. My one school just sucks and I am trying to just work with this crap.

We have a new leader (P) there as of 6 weeks ago, he pissed everyone off in mere hours. Dude that takes real skill. Each person is great with the kids but the adults getting along is way beyond crap. I also have at this school a site coordinator S who manages teh other after school programs that are not our program. She is a peice of work. I got into an issue with her at our family night because she is simply rude.

So I have been telling them since his first day that decisions are a group thing, I expect them to talk before kids are out of school every day, but P says he will not talk to the staff without bringing S in because they could say anything. I haven't even gotten on him for things he needs to improve because of this drama, he has twice tried to refuse to come to work. And now S is in the middle of it when i spent months getting her in the appropriate role. It doesn't help that my supervisor thinks P is awesome and the staff sucks.

So i need to pull this team together fast, we have had one group meeting and it didn't appear to help. After I tried to do team building and support their planning time to follow up and P almost refused to participate. Since P doesn't feel supported by me I go almost daily and am positive with him. Has anyone read and used those courageous conversations/confrontations books and methods? I am good at the empathetic listening but not sure I have done that for P because of his work (he marked a kid as attending for 3 days after he was withdrawn from school, grr). Or mayeb this is just a vent, ..