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12-21-11, 10:54am
I had posted a few months ago about leaving a Chiro's office due to the messy office/bathroom conditions. Since then, my business has really picked up and I am making a decent income working on my own.
However, last week, she asked me out to lunch to talk candidly and asked me to come back! She asked me what it would take and I came up with some lofty terms which I didn't think she would agree to....but she did!
So, I start in January, 1 day a week on a trial basis for two months. The income I will make in one day a week generates to ~1200 a month which I can use to set aside for savings/Roth while living on the income from my own business.
What do you think....good idea to give her another chance or did I just shoot myself in the foot?

Float On
12-21-11, 10:57am
I assume "hiring someone to clean the office/bathroom" was on the list of terms? If she fails to meet your list, you are always free to walk away again.

12-21-11, 11:13am
There's no way this could be considered shooting yourself in the foot. You asked for terms, she met them. If she doesn't actually meet them, then, like Float On said, you leave. No third chances, but second chances are often a good idea. Good luck and congrats on growing your business!


12-21-11, 11:13am
LOL....yes it definitely was! She has assured me that I will not have to worry about that anymore.

12-21-11, 11:14am
I agree. You could even visit ahead of time and see the conditions you would be working in. That could help make up your mind. I think you would be doing her a great favor and it remains to be seen if she understands.

12-21-11, 1:52pm
Great negotiation. One can only hope it means a change in her ways. If not, walk!

12-23-11, 8:01am
Sounds good to me! Obviously she realized you're a great asset and she messed up, so hopefully things will be different and you will have two sources of income. If not, you have your business as a backup, plus the knowledge you can do without the job if it gets bad. Congrats!

12-23-11, 8:18am
Thanks everyone! I am going next week to oversee the install of the hydraulic table (another negotiating win!) and see the overall state of the office.