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12-21-11, 9:08pm
I thought you might be interested to see a real example of the US Customs Broker licensing exam that I will be sitting for in early April. 80 questions, 4 hours. You haul thousands of pages of gov't regulations/harmonized tariff schedule/other reference material with you to the exam. 75% is needed to pass. There is a 30% pass rate on the first try for all those who take the exam.

Here is the Oct. 2011 exam and answers.


I just found out two days ago that the export manager at my company is taking the exam as well. She took it in October, but only had the regs and HTS along with previous exams posted on the CBP website. Didn't pass. She's very quiet that she's taking it. She's only told my manager, who told her I'm taking it, who recommended the study at home course I'm doing. Export manager then asked me several questions about a chapter. I was able to answer off the top of my head. I've been doing import for most of the past 10 years. Export manager is doing it to have an extra credential, but she has little practical experience on the import side.

Turns out she lives near me, and we're going to meet once a week on Saturday, once the holidays are over and I have the last class meeting of my theological program on Jan. 14, at a coffee shop and study together.

Even though the main customs office in the Chicago area is out by O'Hare, the exam happens at a big hotel downtown. We're going to get a room together (export manager did this for October test and said it was a huge help) at the hotel where the exam will be. That way we're already down there and don't have to mess with Chicago traffic on a Monday morning, plus no worry about being late. Exam begins at 8 am and they shut the doors and no latecomers are allowed. At $200 a pop to take the exam (work will reimburse me for it after I pass), worth it to go in on a hotel room to already be down there.

12-22-11, 6:48am
Staying at the hotel and sharing expense is a terrific idea. You will be as relaxed as possible, early, had coffee, and be ready to go for the exam. I am sure you will pass first time.

12-22-11, 12:44pm
Wishing you great success on the preparation for and writing the exam!

Anne Lee
12-22-11, 2:16pm
All my best to you both. Sounds like you have the prep and logistics well in hand.