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The Storyteller
1-17-11, 1:03pm
We just signed up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University through our church. While reading through the online information on Ramsey's FPU website I came across a link to the Facebook site from the program. The Ramsey site costs (you have to be a member of FPU) but the Facebook site is free.

Here is the link:


I've been a Ramsey fan since 2001, but had never taken the class. This is fun so far, even though I am learning absolutely nothing new. DW is less familiar with the program, though, so it is worth it just to get her onboard. And it is inspiring to both of us!

Every now and then I need a good jump start, and this is doing the job.

1-17-11, 1:34pm
I listen to the archives of his show online for free - another great resource. We don't follow his program currently, but recently I convinced DH to set up a debt snowball. Listening to the show is a good reminder for me, too.