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Zoe Girl
12-24-11, 5:26pm
I have time off, like serious time off this year! It is my first year not doing retail at the holidays. Whew,

So I was going through emails, paperwork, the whole bit and found the information for a tutoring service I used to work with. It was just briefly because then I moved downtown and juggled the 2 jobs. So I went back on and updated my profile. I am figuring my limited schedule may be an issue, but what was very cool is there are lots of areas you can be certified in and/or write a message to show you are qualified. One of them is sewing! No kidding, I saw a tutoring request for a sewing tutor. I have done so much sewing over the years, I have actually quite a few hobby skills that I wondered what I would ever do with. Maybe an occasional tutoring job in cooking, sewing, crochet, etc. would be fun.

I submitted my description of my background and when it is approved I can contact this tutor request.