View Full Version : Fell for phishing scam what now?

12-30-11, 12:16pm
Much to my embarrassment I recently fell for a phishing scam on Facebook. A friend had posted about getting a free $1000 Costco gift card. I followed the link and had provided my cell phone # and email address before coming to my senses :|( So far I've seen a small pick up in email spam. Fortunately it was my "junk" address not my work one. More distressing though I'm now getting spam phone calls. This used to be really rare for me. Any ideas how to block unwanted calls (some come through with the # some as "blocked")? Will the no-call list work now? I'm so mad at myself for being so gullible!

Oh I do have credit monitoring in place and am keeping an eye on our credit cards.

12-30-11, 12:23pm
Ooh sunnyjoe, this is too bad. I think you should probably be ok as far as your credit cards since all you gave was e-mail and phone #. That's pretty common info, anyway. But who knows what people can do.

Maybe you'll have to screen your calls - let them go to voicemail and call people back if they deserve your time. :(

Sorry about this. Those phishers are SO TRICKY!! I clicked into a spam in my e-mail the other day, too . . . masquerading as a LinkedIn message, and I'm new to LinkedIn, so I wasn't as clued in as I am to, say, junk Facebook e-mails. Now I will only visit LinkedIn to see messages from the service. Doh.