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iris lily
1-2-12, 2:41pm
When DH said that he was going to Lowes today, I jumped in the car with him because I had a long list of household purchases to discuss with him and possibly, to buy.

I have often said on this board how I love my kitchen cabinets and I DO! I LOVE THEM! They are classic white paneled cabinets built by DH. But everything else, I do not love. Our countertops are a plain jane grey Formica and I had decided not to replace them since I didn't want to spring for granite and don't much like other choices given their cost.

But inspired by my friend Laura's wonderful French themed kitchen, and suspecting that my own fabulous cabinets feel under dressed and forlorn, I wanted to look one more time at granite. I want a big grained, rock-y looking product. Well. He hated absolutely the granite I liked. He refuses to entertain the notion of that granite in our kitchen.

So, we were not able to spend $5,000 today in the kitchen department.

Moving over to blinds, I pointed out to him what I wanted, custom shutters for 3 windows. He had many objections to that. We were not able to come to terms with a product we both liked although we have two potential compromises. But still, no sale, unable to order $1,000+ in shutters.

Moving on to the lighting area, I decided that TODAY I would get rid of 2 fixtures that I have hated for 22 years. I loathe them. They are sconce type lights and Lowes had only a small selection. Each was as loathsome as the ones I already have. No sale.

Looking at dishwashers next, by then, I'd run out of consumer steam and I didn't have much interest. I hate buying appliances anyway, they are so boring. I always let DH buy them because I just don't care. We both hate the dishwasher we've got, but we don't have the will to buy another one. We passed.

Today was a perfect day at Lowe's because there were hardly any shoppers. As usual, the help greeted DH like a rock star because he is in that store 3 -4 times weekly. They were ready and available to help us! But alas, we were incompetent at spending money. We are terrible consumers. In most of the purchases we canceled each other out by vetoing the other one's choice. This is one excellent way not to spend money, I will say.

We didn't buy anything at Lowes, but we next went to Target. DH had a list. They did not have 2 of the things on his list. The third thing, an expensive baby gate, I had to talk him into. He thinks it should cost $50. It in fact cost $77.

When we got home he installed the gate and I think it will be a good thing to keep our Tazmanian Devil Dog in her room. So, we got one practical thing today and the consumer machine did not win.

1-2-12, 2:58pm
Hehehe. What a great day of shopping! Good for you.

1-2-12, 3:04pm
Poor consumers, indeed. You took what is suppose to be done mindlessly and made it - thoughtful :-)

1-2-12, 3:23pm
I have just reported you as an economic terrorist! You are failing in your patriotic duty to buy, buy, buy!

(I bought a single roll of duct tape last time I was in a Lowes, they looked at me like I was some sort of Martian :-) )

1-2-12, 3:34pm
we are the same way. i was going to buy three new sweaters for myself, and mentioned to my client that such was the case. And my client said "i'm clearing out my closet, and have lots, would you like them?" And i went through three bags of clothes she was going to donate. . . found 4 sweaters (two needed some repairs), and so no purchase was made.

but, a friend of ours just had her third book come out in paperback, so we did buy it.

1-2-12, 7:07pm
Why do you hate America so much, I.L.? :D

(I'm a terrible consumer too)

pony mom
1-2-12, 10:35pm
Granite isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you put a glass on it a bit too hard, you'll break the glass. It's unforgiving. I think some of the engineered solid surfaces are nicer.

You're a bit like me. I get all hepped up to go out and get something I need, then come home empty handed. Shopping puts a downer on shopping.

1-3-12, 5:20am
I love the granite in my kitchen, but it is a very earthy color/tone and totally flattering to the cabinets, tile backsplash, and wood floors. I have a simple cottage look to my whole house and this granite fits right in. I've had it since 2007 and found it extremely easy to care for and it still looks brand new. It will never have to be replaced in my lifetime, so the money was well spent in my opinion. It did take DH and I a month to find just the right granite once we started seriously shopping for it. No regrets! :)

1-3-12, 8:22am
I know what you mean IL. Many times my husband has said the economy would collapse if everyone shopped like us.

Float On
1-3-12, 8:52am
I know what you mean IL. Many times my husband has said the economy would collapse if everyone shopped like us.

:) We've said the same thing.
I think we're on about every "watch these customers they return everything list". We bring something home and then take it right back because we feel so guilty for actually buying something.

1-3-12, 10:58am
We were at Lowe's yesterday too following a day at the movies. DH tried to get me excited about a new kitchen sink and faucet but the "too many choices" syndrome hit and none of it interested me. I just wanted out of there. I made the comment to him that someday they will house old people in abandonded Lowe's and Home Depots since there was no one in there and surely the overhead must be horrendous when there is a Lowe's every three miles. It is just so much easier to go online and find what we need these days.

1-3-12, 11:23am
on NY eve we went to a house party. I bought salad fixins in glass pyrex casseroles I have had for years. One guest tried to convince me how much I needed a pampered chef salad thingy. I told her I was didn't need it and did not want to store it. She tried several minutes to convince me. Then one of the teenagers wanted to know where I bought the bread. I tried to explain how I went about making loaves of bread and he was very surprised. Of course I could make several loaves for a dollar as opposed to buying fancy bread in the grocery store for $4-6 a loaf. One of the guests bought some grocery store baked fancy cakes. Probably a few dollars worth of ingredients vs. $20 plus then you have plastic containers to throw away.

I hear ya Iris, going to the grocery store with a strict list was about as wild as I get.

1-4-12, 8:30pm
Love your story! It really resonated with me. For example, our dishwasher is on the fritz, it leaves standing water in the bottom that starts to stink and we have to hand drain it by bailing. We've tried various drain openers but to no avail. Anyhow, instead of calling the plumber or buying a new dishwasher, we're now hand-washing the dishes. With the cold snap, I rather like immersing my hands in warm soapy water--it's quite pleasant. The darn dishwasher never did a very good job on the dishes, left spots, and its noise was annoying...

1-4-12, 11:05pm
Every year my wife bugs me for a Christmas list. This year, my wife shared the list with my Mother-in-law who gave me an envelope with a check and a printout of my list. What did I do? I put the money right into savings. I'm working on that three to six month buffer. (OK, right now I'm working on a one month buffer).

I am so incapable of spending money on something that is just for me -- outside of the occasional cup of coffee.

1-5-12, 8:42pm
I am an embarrassment as a consumer. Here's how bad I am: When family members asked me what I needed for the holiday this year, I asked for gift cards to Home Depot or Lowes. Now that I have them, I can't even bring myself to go to the store and buy things. I keep second guessing myself: Do I really need that? Or that?

My patriotic-consumer report card grade: F.

1-5-12, 11:35pm
tonight a friend down the street called. She was in a store and they had childrens books that were recordable, you record your voice reading the book and they originally sold for $30. She bought what they had left and called to see if I wanted any. At $4.49 each.

I told her yes, I would take one to record for grandkids, and then stressed all evening about the money on the book, which we really don't need.

As I type this I see a $50 visa gift card that was a present to DH in October for his birthday, he can't bring himself to spend it.

1-6-12, 5:41pm
Add us to the bad consumer list -- went to Ikea last night with DH with a long list of house-related ideas. Ended up with two plants, some bag clips for his mom and sisters, and food that was on the list. Didn't buy a single house-related thing. We probably will later in the year, but wanted to look at the spaces and do some more measuring and make sure what we are getting is just right. Ikea might not be the right place for some of the stuff we want.

BTW, Ikea in China is full of bad consumers. We saw plenty of couch nappers last night, and there was definitely a lot more browsing than buying going on. Except in the restaurant - there people go NUTS, I guess because the food is cheap.