View Full Version : Reducing picture size to post on forum

1-3-12, 1:16pm
How do we reduce picture size so they can be used as profile pictures here?

Do the pictures that people are putting in their posts need to be reduced too?

1-3-12, 2:05pm
The forum software will automatically reduce your picture to the appropriate size for a profile picture.

Unfortunately, the same is not true for posting pictures within a thread. If you post a large pic, it will post at it's original size which is often much larger than the typical computer monitor resolution can accomodate without scrolling left to right. I usually re-size my pictures to about 640x480 prior to posting them here. That's big enough to provide detail, but small enough not to skew the page.

If you don't have a preference in image editing software, every version of Windows has a basic editor 'Paint', which will do the job nicely.

1-3-12, 3:22pm
IrfanView is a free, small size application that does simple image editing.