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1-18-11, 3:59pm
DH and I are going to a dinner tonight, and he is in charge of the entertainment, and he wanted to give something as a door prize.

So I ran to my small stash of ready-to-give gifts (some that are regifts) and whipped together a gift bag of tea, a new travel cup, beautiful note cards and a couple other doo-dads and diddly notwhats, wrapped it all in my other stash of colorful tissue paper, and placed it into a like-new gift bag. We didn't buy a thing, and I decluttered items that I will never use. Hehehe.

I'm not a true hoarder. But I have my little stashes of stuff, and they do come in handy!

1-18-11, 4:11pm
good job!

1-18-11, 4:17pm
Awesome! Sounds like a win-win-win! :-)

1-18-11, 4:43pm
Well done!

I also keep a stash of re-gifts, nice 'new' yard sale finds, or super deals in the back room. When it's time to give something, especially a small or token gift, that is where I'll 'shop' first. ;)

Then wrap it with yard sale paper and ribbon, and a homemade card. People seem to react really well to my gifts too.

I actually am a boarder-line hoarder so I have to really be aware of 'saving' things. >8)

1-18-11, 5:04pm
Cool! Sounds like a great door prize, and you have less stuff!

1-18-11, 5:32pm
My SIL does the same thing on a regular basis - many members of our family, including me, have been the recepient of a regifted gift from her - the problem being that she forgets who gave her what and we all have received gifts that we gave her originally. I don't bother to give her gifts anymore, we take her out to dinner instead for her birthday and Christmas. LOL

Don't get me wrong - I think what you did is great, earthshepherd, but those who regift need to be sure they remember who they got the gift from originally.... >8)

1-18-11, 6:16pm
...but those who regift need to be sure they remember who they got the gift from originally....

Good point. I have re-gifted for years, and do (currently) remember where the items came from originally. I recently had been thinking however that as I get older it might be wise to start attaching a note who they were from on the gifts in the 'treasure trove'.

Of course as I get older, so will my friends, .... they might forget too. http://www.simplelivingforum.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=169&d=1294631353

1-18-11, 9:25pm
LOL! Yes, I too, on occasion, have received a gift back that I gave to someone. It really is good to remember who gave you which what-nots!! :idea:

iris lily
1-18-11, 9:29pm
That's grand, and I would use the note cards if I got them. Ive also used up tea that someone else gave me, tea that I would never buy myself, but I liked it when I used it.