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1-10-12, 2:06am
Hello Everyone. I posted frequently in the previous venue but decided it was a good time to take a break when the forum changed locations. Back now. My old sign-on gave away too much about who I was. No big deal really but sometimes I hesitated to post the really dramatic questions out of concern someone would recognize me. I'll use this fictional sign on for now and see where it goes.

I hope I can be healthy and positive contributor to this forum going forward.

I wish everyone a happy new year!

1-10-12, 4:22am
Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you too!! :)

1-10-12, 6:26am
Hi Casey Miller, welcome! I have been more of a reader on this forum than a poster and I guess there a quite a few 'dramatic' questions, I remember posting one a long time ago. So why don't you just post one 'dramatic' question within 14 days now you have a cloak?

1-10-12, 4:59pm
Welcome back! We look forward to your posts -- dramatic and mundane....


1-10-12, 5:20pm
Welcome back!! I am always glad to hear someone has made it over to the new boards. Isn't it nice to have a fresh start sometimes, and to be anonymous? Well, I'm not so anonymous on here, I put my face up! But whatever, I get your desire! :)

1-10-12, 8:21pm
With whatever name you like....we are glad to have you back....

2-5-12, 5:09pm
I've been reading & just wanted to come out of lurkdom long enough to say hi. I'm shy by nature so I may not post much but there is SO much here to learn. Hey, everybody!

2-12-12, 9:40pm
Casey, haven't seen you back yet . . . hope you do pop in again soon.

Buttermilksky! Welcome! Love your handle. Tell us a bit about yourself, maybe start your own "hello" thread? (ETA: Whoops! You already did :) )

2-13-12, 4:36pm
Hi there! yes, sometimes anonymity is a good thing.