View Full Version : Online Website Business Advice?

1-16-12, 9:31am
Anyone have any advice (good or bad) on starting an online company that would sell products through the mail?

1-16-12, 10:47am
I don't know myself, but FloatOn has done a lot of mail order with her own business, and I know other posters here sell things by Etsy and have their own businesses as well. I had some success selling books in the mail as an Amazon seller. I really liked it, but learned the hard way (by losing money!) about what will and will not sell, and how to price things accordingly. I'll be watching this thread, as I'm interested in selling things by mail from Israel via an online business.

1-17-12, 11:17am
I have been selling items on ebay for over 10 years now (wow, time flies). My stuff is all from salvage and thrift stores so its variable in size/weight - this is a great website - http://www.shippingsidekick.com/getrates.wml I don't really have repeat buyers or anything to offer in that area. What type of items are you selling?