View Full Version : Position Elimination & Apply for Lower Paying One

1-18-12, 10:36pm
I have heard a rumor that my company is going to eliminate a position and make everyone interview for a promotion or get bumped down in to a new job title, which is the same job as the one you just got knocked out of.

This is just a rumor at this point but there is something definitly in the pipeline in terms of restructuring.

Anyways, can you get unemployment if your position is changed in to a lower paying one (same tasks though, but less pay)?

If you interview for the promotion, are you forfeiting anything?

I know there would not be enough spots in the promotion for all the people and that many would get bumped down.

I am hoping they would simply phase out the position and not just knock everyone down. But, in this economic climate, just wanted to see if anyone knew.

1-18-12, 11:48pm
I don't know but what do you want to bet all the people bumped down start sending out resumes the next day? :) Let them pay the expense of finding new employees, probably more than their cheapness saved them.

1-21-12, 10:12am
It depends on your state employment laws as to whether you'll qualify for unemployment. I would definitely recommend interviewing for the promotion, if you don't get it and are, therefore, "demoted" you can always not accept the now lower position, which in some states is the equivalent of taking a layoff. If you're laid off, you qualify for unemployment. But I would probably call the unemployment office and try to get clarity surrounding that because the laws vary from state to state (and I live in a very pro-employee state).