View Full Version : $15,000-$21,000 for Superbowl tickets

1-24-12, 1:27pm
Just heard on the local news last night (in the city where the Superbowl will be held this year) that some of the tickets are going for $15,000-$21,000. Give me a break.

1-24-12, 1:32pm
For that kind of money, do you get to play?

1-24-12, 2:17pm
hmmmm....they'd have to pay ME that much to get me to go.....football......that's the game with the funny shaped ball and all those big men fighting over it? I like futbol, myself, like the rest of the world, hahahahaha

hey, there are people who pay $40,000 for a purse, or millions for a chunk of some kinds of minerals.......if I were a football fanatic, which I'm not, and had oodles of money, I, personally, probably STILL wouldn't pay that, but I can understand that some who can afford it, would.

1-24-12, 3:29pm
I live in Massachusetts and am aware of the hoopla around the New England Patriots team. I am not a fan, I do not watch the games, however, I am aware of the popularity of the team.

Unfortunately, there are too many studies demonstrating a rise in domestic violence and the airing of games. This is one of the major reasons I do not participate in the events. Also, athletes are celebrities and subject to a different set of unpublished norms of behavior. Some professional football teams have taken steps to eliminate bad actors on their teams. But, athletes are glorified and that I disagree with. This might be a Massachusetts problem as we have several teams that perform well enough to be in contention often. People also become obsessed with the Red Sox season. I am sure the cable sports networks love Massachusetts fans. A premium cable package is at least $60 per month.

The New England Patriots appear to be a cohesive, highly managed team. Bob Kraft has taken a has been franchise and made it a contender and moneymaker. I cannot ignore the long term success of the team.

I am informed but not blind to the reality of this business. Unfortunately, the local media feeds into the hoopla around the team. On Sunday, instead of continuing with the traditional 6 p.m. broadcast of news, weather and sports. The minute the game was over (6:10 p.m.) the news went straight to all Patriots coverage without a commercial interruption for an entire hour. I found this a bit over the top. Yes, it's an outstanding game for the team. I still need to know which way the wind blows for a Monday morning commute.

I would hope this price includes transportation, a deluxe hotel stay, dinner and premium seating for two.

I guess my point is this is a highly managed successfully commercial business which is aided by local media. I hope the fans get that. I always found buying a red sox or celtics t-shirt stupid. You are paying for the right to advertise a product. Free advertising for the team. Stupid fans.

Miss Cellane
1-24-12, 5:01pm
They can only charge that much if someone is willing to pay it.

I did some checking around at places like StubHub and there are tickets out there for close to $15,000. Those are the seats right down on the 50 yard line or in the end zone. The cheapest ticket I could find was about $2,300.

Would I pay that? No. Would I even want to see the game? Nope. I may have to this year, as my sibling's birthday falls on Super Bowl Day and I'm sure that somewhere during the birthday party there'll be a TV blaring away.

Me, I avoid all televised sports, except figure skating.

1-24-12, 5:13pm
I'll be glad when its over. Indianapolis's stations are talking ad nauseum about it, as they do in the month of May for the 500. I do wish I had cable/satellite at times like these.

1-25-12, 9:05am
The level of personal wealth and the way people spend, never ceases to amaze me...

1-25-12, 4:40pm
For that kind of money, do you get to play?

No kidding.

1-25-12, 5:04pm
I just read today that you can walk through the area (the several streets they have all fixed up for the Superbowl (or Superbowel as I like to call it)). But it costs $21 per person to just walk through it!
One restaurant bought a $178 Superbowl banner to put on the front of their shop in support of Indianapolis and the Superbowl. They bought it from the Superbowl Host Committee who encouraged it and supported it. Well, an hour after it was put up, the city inspectors came by and told them they needed a license and the banner needed to adhere to specific NFL rules and their's didn't qualify. What silliness.

1-25-12, 8:26pm
The ticket to my couch is free -- except for the price of the munchies (healthy of course)!

1-26-12, 10:43am
Costco is offering packages from $3-$16K that include a 5-night hotel package. You know, for us frugal folks. ;)

1-26-12, 11:08am
I would not pay $21000 for tickets. But then again I had to look up who the Patriots were playing which shows how much I'm up on it - why is it being played in Indianapolis?

1-26-12, 12:23pm
Indianapolis put up a good show to get chosen for this site a few years back. And they are spending millions of dollars on it. they even rebuilt houses in a bad area that's close to downtown so it would look good. They have a huge new stadium...........having imploded the previous one before it was even paid off.
I think its crazy to pick a location that has such unpredictable weather. Some years at this time, we've had horrible ice storms. We'll see. Recently they've had a problem with the manhole covers in the street blowing off from explosions, as well as a big substation catching on fire and causing a large area of blackouts.
I'm trying to keep my Schadenfreude tendencies under control. :devil:

1-26-12, 2:05pm
I would guess the city of Indianapolis receives some compensation from the NFL or whoever puts the event on. Also, they can expect a nice tourist return for local businesses that weekend. The town of Foxborough MA, which has Gillette stadium for the Patriots, does receive compensation from the team for each home game played. The town has an estimated 7,000 residents. Bob Kraft has been publicly interested in building a first class casino near the stadium. MA only recently passed legislation that will allow up to 3 casinos built in the state.

Something interesting happened in Foxboro last year. We had two scary storms, Irene and the October snow, which knocked out power to Foxboro for several days. Gillette stadium did not loss power. In fact, the stadium was lit up pretty one weekend for a televised game while a majority of town inhabitants were in the dark. The president of National Grid twice tried to explain to folks that the Patriots were on a separate feeder and had a redundancy which they paid for. Most folks could hear the explanation but had a hard time processing this fact. The game went on.

I wish the NFL would show support to charities, communities, etc....some players do, but overall it's all game and fame. All that money for a few hours of entertainment. I find it morally appalling. I am hopeful someone can correct me and say, NFL or this team sponsors this or that. The Red Sox organization have for years sponsored the Jimmy Fund (cancer care for children).

I cannot grasp the need for grown men and women to live through the athletic fame of others. I do not understand the psychology of fans I guess.

1-26-12, 2:27pm
Ironically many people in the Boston area may not get to watch it on their TV's:


FITCHBURG -- As the contract battle drags on between DirecTV and the owner of Boston's Channel 7, Patriots fans who rely on the satellite service are left feeling some Super anxiety.

Subscribers worry that WHDH, which has been blacked out on DirecTV since the two sides failed to reach an agreement on fees, will miss the big Pats-Giants clash on Feb. 5. Channel 7 is the only local broadcaster of the Super Bowl.