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1-19-11, 3:22pm
Hi, everyone -
I've actually been a member for quite some time - several years?? But I mostly lurk with a very rare post. I honestly don't know if I'll post very much - I'm just not very active on the internet. But when I do get online, one of my favorite places to visit and read is the Simple Living Forums.

You all are a great bunch of people, and I sure am glad these forums survived the very sad demise of Dave's Simple Living Network.

Hmm. I guess my last post was one where I asked LooseChickens the history behind her screen name. I absolutely LOVED that story and think about it all the time. You all are my "loose chickens" who keep me upbeat and positive when I feel caged in by life.

Just a tiny bit about me: I live out in rural Arkansas with plenty of undeveloped land around, although civilization is steadily encroaching. I used to garden pretty seriously, got out of it and am now planning to get back into it. That's about the extent of my "self sufficiency" efforts. I do live pretty frugally, simply because I see no need to spend money on all that stuff out there that I don't need. :) I've read Your Money or Your Life a couple of times, as well as Getting a Life, but dang it all, I just can't seem to make them work. To be honest, it's probably because of my fear and ignorance of investing. Got to get over that. ;) Okay, I'll stop now, since I did say this would be a "tiny" bit.

Thanks for all the great posts, insights and joys of living simply!

1-19-11, 3:32pm
Hi SRP.........welcome to the 'hood! Whether you post alot or not, I hope you learn lots and enjoy yourself! Again, welcome!

1-20-11, 11:53pm
How'd you get SRP? Or those are just your initials? They stand for one of the energy companies in Phx so I was caught off-guard :-) Anyway, welcome!