View Full Version : Ding dong the boss is gone!!!

1-27-12, 4:03pm
My wicked unethical boss made his formal resignation announcement today. Seven years with this jerk. I had hoped to beat him out the door but now that he is leaving, I might just stick around until I retire. I know it will take almost a year to find a replacement so things will be calm till then. Now if I can just tolerate him until August - thankfully he will only be here a few days a month. I am so happy about this!!!

1-27-12, 4:04pm
Great news! Celebrate!


1-27-12, 4:11pm
Woot! :) Enjoy the year of peace, if not more. Maybe the new boss WON'T be "same as the old boss"!

1-27-12, 6:03pm
Hooray! If you are an excel geek, you might want to create a spreadsheet counting down the days until he is gone. I did something similar counting down the days until I left my HSSJ (including tracking how much money I was making by staying each additional day) and it played a big role in helping me stay calm.


Float On
1-27-12, 10:52pm
Great news!

Anne Lee
1-28-12, 12:26am
Was he uncovered or did he finally just decide to quit?

1-28-12, 10:19am
Was he uncovered or did he finally just decide to quit?
He wanted to make sure his next position was firmly in place before making his public announcement. Because he is an academic, he is on the payroll through the end of August, even though he is now gallavanting around making big bucks doing consulting work. So not right...as we say in Texas. Don't let the back door hit ya...