View Full Version : Imagine my surprise ...

1-20-11, 8:24am
... when I tried to go to the "old board" a couple of weeks ago and found that it had moved.

I'm back, still as readsomething (my nom d'Internet). I had a couple hundred posts on the old board, but I mostly lurked and soaked up info from everyone. :D

My favorite threads are cooking/food, decluttering/organizing, family matters/relationships and "no buy" challenges. I'm always looking for motivation and inspiration on spending less.

I'm posting today for the first time on the new board, after lurking for a couple weeks. Nice to see some familiar names and lots of new ones, too. I'm SO GLAD we still have this place!

1-20-11, 10:34am
Glad you were able to follow the whole wheat bread crumbs to this wonderful new home. ;)

Thus far 441 people made it into the lifeboats.


1-20-11, 12:22pm
LOL Gina!!