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2-5-12, 1:50pm
At the beginning of the year, I posted in a comments thread that I was going to try Project 333 (http://www.theproject333.com/getting-started/), where you select 33 items of clothing (including accessories/shoes/coats) to wear in public for the next three months. It's just over a month in, so I thought I'd check in.

I am totally sold.

On a daily basis, I don't have to worry about what fits and is in repair, can mix and match more, and it's time to do laundry when shirts run low. (I'll add shirts next time, so laundry day will always be on the weekend.) I've swapped out one item, a pair of khakis that...apparently I just didn't like that much. But otherwise everything's getting used pretty regularly.

I've noticed one shirt starting to show wear, and will need to replace it with one that matches the same pants/skirts. Which seems easier to shop for than "well, I think I need more shirts".

I've gotten a lot of compliments - especially at work, where I was worried they'd notice I'm wearing the same few things repeatedly. No-one did - but they do notice that I'm wearing nicer clothes more often.

My selection includes: 10 shirts, 6 skirts/pants, 1 fancy dress, 3 jackets, 4 pairs shoes, and the rest are accessories (belts, jewelry, etc.). There's one suit set in the mix, and everything is work-appropriate. (One shirt is iffy - but it's not a traditional logo tee so I can slip it in on Fridays.)

The project has made me rethink minimum/optimal wardrobe size, in a way that less drastic measures like flipping clothes hangers didn't. I haven't decided yet what to do when the three months is up - either make a new set of 33, or else expand slightly. 403 doesn't have the same ring, but I do miss some of my jewelry.

2-5-12, 4:34pm
That sounds like a great combination of things. With the shirts and pants/skirts, that’s at least 60 base outfits and more if some of the shirts go over others. And then the jackets and accessories can make them look even more different.

For an April to June challenge are there enough clothes to make a completely or nearly completely different set of 33 items?

One fun thing people sometimes do with these challenges is start out with completely or nearly completely different sets of items. At the end of each rotation, they see what is worn out and could go to garden clothes or the rag bag. Then after a year or two of rounds they start combining some of the sets and then seeing how many more can be worn out. The goal is to completely use up as many clothes as possible while remaining work appropriate.

Another thing is that if you have some clothes that are nice, but not a good color or style for you, you can get together with friends who can wear different things and swap till clothes look great on someone else.

As for missing the jewelry, how about adding three more pieces on the next round? Then you could have 333+3 which still has a pretty nice ring to it.

2-5-12, 4:45pm
I have a similar situation, except I don't take much interest in accessories. I've bought slacks and tops that are in a similar tone and hue range so they mix and match well. In a way it's kind of a uniform - I can put on most any top and bottom and just go on with my day. Minimum of decisions and very very little maintenance.

2-6-12, 8:57am
While I'm not doing any type of formal project, I've begun to notice how I constantly pick the same clothes to wear and over the years have fewer and fewer clothes because of it. As I am working to reduce my possessions more and more I've begun to look at my clothes. I'd like to begin wearing only well-made, classic designs....every now and then I find myself trying something new and it never is "me" (like something with a floral pattern or frill) and it ends up being such a waste of money.

For me jewelry has ended up being silver hoop earrings (I never have to take them out) and a simple, very slim gold ring. I do enjoy bracelets and wear a heavy silver chain at times or turquoise beads. I think if you have a good jewelry collection just keep it all and enjoy wearing it.

Enjoy your clothing project as it continues. I'll look forward to your insights.

2-6-12, 7:11pm
You know, at first I thought this thread was about getting our wardrobes down to 333 items - I might have been able to get on board with that! :|(