View Full Version : World Happy Day

2-9-12, 9:12pm
Maybe I'm just a softie, but it makes me happy just watching this video:


I've bought my tickets to the screening....a bunch of us are going to watch it and then go out for lunch :D That makes me happy too.

2-9-12, 9:55pm
Thanks!! There's a free screening near us, and it's my son's 14th birthday. Sounds like a plan!

2-10-12, 3:50pm
I guess North Carolina is NOT a happy place--no screenings in our entire state! Dang.

2-10-12, 4:58pm
Closest happy to us is in Halifax...or Portland, Maine....guess I'll just have to be happy on my own tomorrow.

2-11-12, 6:47pm
It was really a lot of fun, and the theater was packed here -- lots of fun conversation on the way out, good buzz.

2-12-12, 12:06am
It was fabulous! Before it started, a Hopi musician played a few songs for us. It was one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time. After the movie was a panel discussion. It was all just wonderful. I highly recommend seeing it. I think we all came away just a little bit happier. :o)

Thanks, again, puglogic!