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Zoe Girl
2-10-12, 1:26am
So I thought I would update you all on the job situation.

Our schools got some new grant funds to move to a community school model, that means there is one person at a school where I usd to be in charge of the licensed child care portion and I have no schools I superrvise now. The person who did all the other after school programming at both schools is now in charge of it all. I gave them a crash course in all aspects of licensed chkd care and have already had to wlak one through a child abuse report (ok we take annual training, one person has done this 8 years and no one knew what to do). Okay, it is hard. My job is super about relationships. It is also good because I feel the possibilities opening up,

Meanwhile I am not sure about all my job duties. It is destabalizing in a way. I have some projects, to train the new people and learn the grants more. Plus some possible adult training of staff. I still do payroll but it is 2 schools and it takes me about 2-3 hours twice a month.

I meet with my supervisor tomorrow and I am going to ask for more clarification. I see that my work is being 'watched' and I think it is for opportunities, however this is still a rough transition in some ways. Balancing between moods often but being very positive at work

2-10-12, 7:22am
Zoe, what is your new job? Are you the one person in charge of all the schools?

2-10-12, 7:39am
Hi, ZoeGirl, it sounds kind of ambiguous but also full of possibility. Good for you to get the clarification about job duties and also responsibilities....by that I mean, are you supposed to seek out grant funding? Write proposals for sources other people seek out?

It is my own stuff here, I am sure, but I wonder about lines of authority etc in ambiguous positions. Who tells you what to do and who evaluates your performance? What are the evaluation criteria? Those are the kinds of questions I always end up asking especially in a new position....and maybe those things are kind of organic and developing at the moment, but it would be good to keep a two way flow of information so that everyone is clear.

I realize that I am reacting to the lack of structure you describe...I tend to LOVE jobs where I am given autonomy (that's probably why I work for myself now) but I have been known to get myself in trouble due to overstepping some boundaries of the boss that I didn't know were there....for example, approaching a funding source directly when that should have happened thru the boss, or more recently, asking for clarification from someone upline from my supervisor who then approached my supervisor who felt blindsided...and I meant no harm whatsoever....

Anyway, it sounds like it is full of opportunities and that your creative side may really get to shine here. Creating a situation in which you have a regular system for getting feedback might be a good idea. Or maybe that's just my stuff sticking out there!

Good luck....it sounds like it could be very cool, and a nice complement to the changes and smoothing out going on in the rest of you life, your home, etc.

2-10-12, 7:50am
I hope this turns out to be a positive change that moves you in a direction where you are working more in the areas where you have strengths and passion. Hopefully your supervisor has a good idea of what those are, but it might not hurt to remind her tomorrow in your meeting. Times of transition are challenging, but also a good time to move in the direction you want/need to go, assuming the organization has needs in those areas.

I'm also facing some possible transitions and a fair amount of pressure at work, and a fair amount of upheaval at home due to our helper leaving, so I can sympathize with how stressful it can be. Deep breaths! It's almost Friday there (and Friday is almost over here, so I am enjoying a nice glass of wine....)



2-10-12, 11:30am
I would see this as an opportunity to write and propose my own job description.
Not only the day to day responsibilities but also a flavor of the things I would like to do, you know you are good at and and those that would look good one day in a CV as accomplishments.
Having this in writing and signed off by your superiors will also work as a safety net, in case someone steps in, sees only things that run smoothly and wonders what the he.. you are doing all day long.