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2-10-12, 11:42am
I have been reading this forum and enjoying it very much, but I had to have a tech glitz fixed before I could register. I'm an empty nester in the deep south, live in a subdivision and waiting out my husband's early retirement. At that point we want to find a rural home although we're not yet sure as to the ideal location.

I have always embraced simplicity & earth tending. We kept our 1.400 sq ft house when the housing bubble was coaxing so many people into McMansions. We drive our cars until it would cost too much to repair them, and enjoy simple,basic meals. Our biggest luxury is cable TV, him for the sports tier and me for reality shows. (It's my only addiction except for chocolate, and The Bachelor AND a Mallomar is the closest I've ever felt to being a Hilton. Hee).

I like this forum because their is such a sense of contentment as well as enthusiasm from both those who have created their simple heaven and those eagerly anticipating theirs. I've gotten a LOT of tips and often feel as if I've wandered onto the porch of a country store where a bunch of folks are swapping news and information and somehow seem glad I'm there.

Eh, I'm corny. I grew up wanting to be a Walton. But I really think that here on this forum, that's A-OK.

Float On
2-10-12, 12:20pm

2-10-12, 1:00pm
Hi, Buttermilksky. That name paints a pretty picture. Welcome.


2-10-12, 2:47pm
Welcome! You are definitely on the right track. My friends who keep life simple, didn't succumb to turning their homes into ATM machines and paid off their vehicles are the ones who are doing the best financially speaking out of everyone I know. Kudos to you and hubby!

I think you'll find this a great place to hang out and share ideas. I joined over a decade ago and love this place!

Good to have you here.

2-10-12, 3:19pm
A warm welcome to you! Sounds as though you'll fit right in with this group...kindred spirits...ditto on the chocolate...

2-10-12, 9:20pm
Glad to see you here Buttermilksky. I'm not an empty nester yet but I'm hoping this is the year!

2-10-12, 10:49pm
Welcome! Another empty nester here. I like your name. Look forward to hearing more from you...

2-10-12, 11:22pm
I wanted to be a Walton too!

Good Night Buttermilksky. Good night Float On. Good Night Sissy. Good Night HumboltGirl. Good Night HappyHiker. Good Night Lainey. Good Night Wildflower.

2-11-12, 11:14am
Love it!

2-12-12, 9:42pm
Haha, mtnlaurel!

Welcome (again) Buttermilksky. Hope you will come back often.

2-13-12, 11:36am
Thanks for ignoring my menopause missprints. Glitz instead of glitch? COFFEE! Stat!

2-13-12, 2:41pm
Another Walton wanna be here. Welcome. I just love your name! Sounds like a song from the sixties.

2-13-12, 4:22pm
Hi Buttermilksky!

2-14-12, 9:34am
Hello and welcome, glad we got your tech glitch fixed and got you in! Great group of people here and glad to have another. Rob