View Full Version : Chipotle's "new" two-minute ad

2-12-12, 11:50am
Okay, here's my dirty little secret. I love this ad:


I understand the advertising industry (heaven help me) and the profit motive and all of the other reasons why a company would create a campaign like this. But I still love it. I love that any American business is heading this way, and making this important.

Carnitas burrito for me today. I reward marketers whose choices I respect!

2-12-12, 12:53pm
I love it, too, Puglogic! Thank you.

2-12-12, 4:31pm
Thanks Pug.........its a really good ad (heaven help me too!).......because of what it implies. I hope the company really stands behind what it suggests in the ad. And as it, perhaps, get more popular (Chipoltles), I hope it doesn't have to fall back into mass production stuff, to keep up with demand.
And I love some of the lyrics they used.........."Questions of Science; Science and Progress, Do not speak as loud as my heart". Love that!

2-12-12, 4:52pm
you know, if it's true -- if they get most of their food from small scale, sustainable farmers -- then i'd start eating 'fast' food again. there isn't any chipotle here, but still. i'll eat it if/when i go back to the us. :)

2-12-12, 8:22pm
I imagine, since the spot is airing tonight during the Grammys, it will be exhaustively fact-checked by the media and I'll be able to learn more about how close they adhere to these goals. I know that all of their pork is now sustainably raised, not sure about their other meats & dairy.

2-13-12, 8:20pm
Very nice. If I see one in my area, I'll try it.