View Full Version : Local cotton, local t-shirts

2-15-12, 4:25pm
This is the kind of thing that warms a "buy local" consumer's (like my own) heart every time:


I had no idea someone had resurrected an organic cotton industry here in the U.S. It's one tiny, tiny step, but I like reading this all the same. Go North Carolina!

2-15-12, 8:30pm
Thanks for the information. It is one tiny step after another that ends up making a difference.

2-16-12, 2:05am
definitely awesome. too bad they don't just make shirts in white, black, and colors with different shapes/designs without logos, that can then be screen printed how you want a la american apparel.

i would be buying those shirts. did forward to friends who live there, btw.

but how many black t-shirts can a girl have? I need three, actually. I usually do three long, sleeved, v-neck, slim fitted shirts. all black would be fine, actually. Make that, organic shirt company! stop making shapeless, boring shirts.

2-16-12, 2:08am
you know, come to think of it, I think that these cotton companies should focus on t-shirts and jeans. Get in with levis or something, see if they can get those made in the USA again (some are, but most aren't). Anyway, I would do just dandy with jeans, denim skirt, jacket, and simple t-shirts. Done and Done. If they throw in "tights" as well (meaning my yoga pants) in both ankle and calf lengths, I would get all of my stuff in organic cotton. keep it simple.

2-16-12, 12:04pm
Kudos for American made. But I don't like the logos either. Keep it simple folks. (I do understand the advertising part of it, tho)