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Zoe Girl
2-17-12, 5:08pm
Damn it, I am covering for another person who does all the after school programming at another school. They have a homework club that is kind of crazy. I could not be in it yesterday because another person for another after school program did not show. Then I had parents late, I forgot to go check the classroom, and I had heard how trashed the rooms have been.

So yesterday was worse than ever. The teachers do not want homework club anymore. And I am horrified because it has been before I subbed but also it has been bad this week. One classroom was used for homework, then childcare and then another couple house of child care. When I left it the room was clean Wednesday.

So now what how to gently make suggestions to the regular person. First of all the regular homework helpers need to be on top of this. Next I think they should meet in the cafeteria until they can clean up. Also there are plenty of kids who do not have homework, I say give them work to do and/or have them call to be picked up.

It is just a horrible feeling. I sat with the group without a teacher and both times I had kids just waiting on something I was doing quiet games, not just letting them get loud and run around. I told the homework helpers that the room was horrible (one does not seem to have much english) and yet I saw one person just letting kids play. I feel like I did a bad job.

2-18-12, 9:49am
zoe girl, it sounds like a really bad setup. amazing how many great 'ideas' never survive because implementation is an entirely different world and not usually the gift of the people who come up with the ideas. i think you have some great input like moving it to the cafeteria though they will give you a hard time there if it is not clean as well but there is a lot less for the kids to get into. plus your idea of having the kids work on something even if they do not have homework - that should be a rule! however, ultimately if the staff/volunteers do not get it or want to get it, then it isn't going to change. do not take the weight of the world upon your shoulders. most things have a life of their own for better or for worse, including ideas and good intentions :)