View Full Version : Looking for an entry level job in Portland, Oregon

2-20-12, 4:00pm
Does anyone know of a good employer in the Portland, Oregon area?

I graduated college in 2010, but have yet to start my career. I have military, customer service and sales experience, but I'm looking for something I can do for a long time.

If anyone knows somebody or even has a suggestion, I would love to hear it.


Anne Lee
2-20-12, 5:28pm
Hmmm.... I need to know a little more than "something you can do for a long time." What is your degree in? Are you a veteran? They have hiring preference for most government jobs. What do you like to do? What do you absolutely not want to do? I know that any permanent job seems like a good thing but if you hate kids there is no point in suggesting you apply at a school.

2-20-12, 5:36pm
Check Craigslist. Everyone I know only advertises thru it anymore. Also, Clear Channel is advertising on Portland radio quite a bit they are hiring. I imagine it's airtime advertising sales.

2-20-12, 7:10pm
See also www.indeed.com (http://www.indeed.com). Search "jobs" and the city.

Be caustious on Craigslist, so supposed jobs are scams to get you to sign up with something or buy a credit report.

2-20-12, 7:20pm
There's a fair amount of high tech manufacturing in the greater Portland area - Intel, Tektronix, etc.