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Zoe Girl
2-27-12, 4:41pm
So I didn't get that meeting with my sup yet, it will be wednesday. We had our group meeting including that lady and of course she brought up something that should have been just with me in front of the group. Then I was asked to do research on literacy programs for next year (without a due date, I had a summary ready for our Wednesday meeting) and my sup presents what she wants for literacy next year, I barely got a word in, and it is the literacy program I am using for 10 weeks this summer. I think I could have talked on that, or as least be told we were talking about it today so I wouldn't have been blindsided.

The good news, someone is sick at another site so I am not going to that site today. I thought it best if I was not there because it would be difficult if staff was upset to not talk to me.

I don't think there is meditation tonight but I could really use it,