View Full Version : article about unsubscribing- good advice

2-28-12, 10:31am

this article is on bankrate this month and really hits the nail on the head. It talks about how getting daily deals and e-mails in your inbox can be counterproductive to saving money and lead to more spending than you would otherwise.

It is just another form of advertising- with all the video ads when you click on a news story, junk mail in your inbox and mailbox, and with subscribing to different companies like groupon or travelocity say, the temptation to spend can hijack an otherwise frugal person.

So Unsubscribe!

2-28-12, 10:40am
Thanks, flowers!

3-3-12, 9:10pm
I am constantly unsubscribing from websites but it seems like there are always some new one finding its way in my email. But thanks for reminding me that I should not lose the battle because a lot of emails are only meant to make me spend my precious money.