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Zoe Girl
2-29-12, 6:13pm
Soo long story I have a job, and my supervisor even said in our weekly meeting without me asking that I have a job and next year too. For grant funded programs that is a big deal, we never know. I got very excited about some of the projects I will be doing and we had such a long meeting I didn't get to ask to be at a site every day, but this week I am out every day except the conference. That is the 'juice' of my job.

The literacy thing was just a big misunderstanding, we were talking about 2 different things and we will be using my literacy research very quickly in fact.

And then the problem child, I told my sup straight up that I am not comfortable with what she does. I am doing exactly what I should with making a clean break from that school so I don't need her basically tattling on my former staff (I did NOT say tattle). So I asked for her support in meetings. I am going to stop answering any of her questions that are not relevant to the larger group and are just designed to make someone look bad, and I will need her back up at times.

2-29-12, 8:36pm
Sounds much better,