View Full Version : Anonymous Surveys good idea or bad idea?

3-6-12, 11:46pm
Let me say from the start that when my new boss took over she said that we all had low morale. I didn't feel this represented us at all! Sure there were some strong personalities, but we always worked it out.

Now my workplace is using anonymous surveys to gain information on how well the group is communicating with one another. At first I thought it was a good idea, but half way through the survey I felt that if I need to go undercover in order to express my opinions on communication, then that in itself was a symptom of poor communication.

Other coworkers made honest comments, and whether they knew it or not the comments were passed out at a meeting. The comments were not so nice toward certain people--calling one person out as a bully. It is true that this person is a bully.

We are told that being as open and honest is necessary and that it may cause tension but that will help us move forward.

I feel very uncertain in their usefulness...I feel like we hand over our true thoughts to a person (our boss) and she draws conclusions that fit her agenda. I feel that most times she only sees what she wants to see. I'd rather she just dictate the direction she wants to take us, rather than give the illusion that our input matters because we have to exist in a now hostile environment based on these surveys.

Overall, I feel that the survey is going to create more in-fighting and distrust than before; and that perhaps we get caught up in that while the boss pushes ahead.

But there's a small part of me that wonders if this IS good for us in th end (like its being sold to us).

Do any of you have experience with online anonymous surveys? If so, what was the outcome?


iris lily
3-6-12, 11:52pm
I think that anonymous information is generally useless. And, I can't imagine why management would SOLICIT it. If they've built an environment where comments and suggestions are ridiculed or those who make comments are disrespected, then I guess that's why they need to go anonymous. That is too bad.

3-7-12, 12:37am
we solicit it from our clients. we use survey monkey. our first survey has been SO AWESOME i can't even tell you!

people will say things there that they wouldn't tell you openly, which is super helpful.

i think it can be helpful in other work situations, though, too. :)

3-7-12, 7:13am
depends entirely on the size of the office. Our government agency used them but only provided data down so far and no comments. they were very careful to explain what could be used statistically and did not use them for tattling. Anonymous comments can be used to harm others especailly the second time such a survey is used.