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Zoe Girl
3-10-12, 10:44am
So I had posted some things about work situations. It seems to be much better now, however I have downgraded my zeal for our programs into a regular job category. I still love what we do but not like I used to.

I went back to sub at one of the schools I used to supervise, I go someplace every afternoon to cover at this point. Two people got moved to different schools and were told that day that it was their last day at that site. When they told the kids there was a LOT of crying. My sup told me briefly what was happening before program started and it went back to A having problems since last year, A is the one I have been supportive all along. All I could tell her was to do a great job at her new school and if she needed I would write her a letter based on the time I was her supervisor.

Then she warns me about the staff saying things in front of the kids like 'J is making me'. The staff do not do that, I can be honest. I have addressed this several places when people are frustrated with something going on. I pull them aside, listen to what they have to say and advise them on the proper way to handle it. The only person who breaks those standards of who to talk to and about what is their new supervisor. Right now I feel like I can say nothing to my sup, she has had this opinion all year.

So here is my struggle, We talk about building relationships with chldren and families. That is key to our work. Yet when they move people and promote people they do not look at or ask about what the people they work with think. So no one asked my staff if I was good at what I did when I got my job changed. That may be a total fantasy to think it was a factor but it is hard to go to 9 schools now and get loads of positive from staff, kids and family but have decisions made without regarding that, while the new sup at this one site is a person with multiple complaints (mostly from me) and they have not been addressed very well. The staff I have had will just tell me (politely & privately) we wish you were back every time I go to sub. That and reflecting on what I wanted to do better is hopefully preparing me for the next step.

I am just going to feel good about that, I know for a fact when my job got changed the organization REALLY did not want to lose me, my ideas are being listened to and every afternoon I could be more than one place to work easily. Thanks for listening,

3-10-12, 12:23pm
You are now in a top down managment situation. "They" believe that they know best and have unseen or unspoken agendas. Best to just do a good job at what you are given and realize that you could be supervised by anyone in the future.

3-10-12, 8:32pm
I'm surprised you're surprised. I've never worked anywhere where people's individual skills or interpersonal relationships were given more than lip service.

Zoe Girl
3-10-12, 11:30pm
I am an idealist, :|(:|( and in this organization I thought it was more than lip service. Not that I have had more than that other places, still ya know. I have saved them several situations that could have easily escalated and so if nothing else I feel proud of that, they can do what they want.

3-11-12, 1:31am
That so many people have an intrinsic need to do their best saves the day more times than not.