View Full Version : Cleaning floors with Trader Joe's liquid castile soap

3-11-12, 5:44pm
I read here or on Trent Hamm's Simple Dollar that a good soap for floors is Trader Joe's Liquid Castile Food Soap. Do I have that right? Anyway, I finally went to Trader Joe's looking for this and they didn't have it. They had two brands of their own--one for general cleaning, but it said to keep out of reach of children. We have 4 dogs and I was worried about the effect on them, even though I would rinse with vinegar after washing. The other was for washing fruit and vegetables.

The salesperson told me TJ's has different store brands at their different stores across the country. I am in New Mexico. Any help with this? :help:

Sad Eyed Lady
3-11-12, 6:38pm
Maybe it was supposed to be Dr. Bonner's - you can do a lot of stuff with that liquid soap. Also, I mop my floors in vinegar & water; that has always done the job for me.

3-11-12, 7:06pm
I use my usual plant-based dish detergent for floors.

3-29-12, 7:51pm
Have Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds and it is a castle soap made for cleaning--I think you can use it to wash dishes too. Was just thinking about this as I just joined on Facebook -- Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps -- you can like their page and get messages from them. I've seen people ask questions there too. All their soaps are fantastic. We will be using the baby soap to give our dog her next bath...

3-29-12, 8:34pm
I've seen Dr. Bronners at my local Trader Joe's, but not a store brand equivalent.