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pony mom
3-22-12, 11:18pm
Since the library has only interviewed me once in eight application submissions, I've sort of come to the realization that they just don't take in outside people.

On Tues. I massaged a husband and wife; hubby slept the entire time, wife was chatty. She mentioned she had an animal related business and they're shorthanded. I mentioned I was available at least two days a week, my organizing and data entry skills, etc. She said she'd speak to her husband--two hours later, I had a job.

You've probably seen those magnets that say "I love my Beagle", the paw shaped ones saying "I'm one cat short of being the crazy cat lady"? She supplies them wholesale to shops all over the country. She needed someone to help fill orders, package and ship them, and organize them. The other women are animal lovers, two have horses, I can wear anything I want, and it's 12 minutes from the spa. So, I can work there on my on-call days and hop over to the spa if I get a client. Oh, and the building is a converted barn! Right now she's paying me in cash.

How lucky was that! It's not the library, but possibly more fun. Her business keeps growing and they're expanding all the time. I always dreamed a job would come along this way, and it has. So maybe the library never worked out because this was waiting for me. I may be working six days a week for awhile, but that's OK because I could really use extra money right now. Yippee!!

iris lily
3-22-12, 11:24pm
oh that is great! So glad to hear it!

3-22-12, 11:35pm
I love your story, Pony Mom! Happy for you!

3-23-12, 3:58am
"I Heart Cats And I Also REALLY Heart New and Conveniently Located Jobs!" Congratulations! :)

3-23-12, 4:39am
that sounds pretty awesome and pretty perfect! Congrats!

Float On
3-23-12, 7:03am

3-23-12, 7:29am
Whoo hoo! I bet your job role will expand as their business does, if you want it to. Congratulations and good luck!


3-23-12, 7:53am
Amazing! How Wonderful!

3-23-12, 8:31am
Fabulous, pony mom! Funny how these things happen - and wonderful!

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3-23-12, 9:25am
I am smiling for you! That's great. It's a great example, too, of "putting it out there..." by which I mean making it plain that you are looking for something. That's the only way that your something can find you. Hooray!

3-23-12, 9:38am
How cool! Congratulations!

3-23-12, 9:52am
Congratultions on a job and a new massage client!

3-23-12, 11:36am
That is so cool, PM! And something that you really like, too! Gotta put those vibes out there.

Around my house we laugh a lot because I have worked on 3 jobs that actually closed down. I just tell them not to worry, because someone will call with a job offer. I have gotten about 4 jobs just that way, lol. I liked them all, too.

pony mom
3-23-12, 9:43pm
Thanks, everyone! I actually feel a bit guilty that it happened so easily. There are a few people I won't feel right telling, like my two friends who have been unemployed for four years, and my alcoholic sister, who had a job for a week, went on a bender, and never went back again--she was fired.

It's strange, but it seems I always get what I want. If it's meant to be, it happens for me. Anyone else?

3-23-12, 10:18pm
Yup, I'm like that too.

Always lucky, or an opportunist, or what have you. I see an opportunity, I usually take it. :D

3-26-12, 11:36am
The law of attraction....if you believe it will happen and put it out there....it does :)