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3-24-12, 11:32pm
Hi all, I've been lurking for awhile but finally was able to sign up. Look forward to actively participating. I'm married for 27 years, live in the north east about 2 hours north of NYC, have two adult children. My hubby and I both work. I'm intuitively and instinctly the frugal one and it seems my husband is seeing the wisdom of the frugal ways as we round the corner to the last legs of retirement prep. Best regards to all and thanks for a great site. - cindy:cool:happy dance for beautiful spring weather in our area

Float On
3-25-12, 12:14am

3-25-12, 12:21am
So glad you signed up. Looking forward to learning more about you!!!

If you are into frugality the daily frugals thread is a great place to start posting . . .

3-25-12, 1:13am
Glad to see you here!

3-25-12, 6:03pm
Hey Cindy, welcome! You've jumped into an awesome community.

It's great that your hubby is getting on board the bandwagon. That makes such a huge difference. My DH has always had the champagne tastes on our beer budget, but he too has seen the light and our life is so much better because of it!

My sister in law lives in Troy. Glad to know that you're having nice weather up there. Enjoy!

3-25-12, 6:12pm
Great to have you here and welcome!

3-25-12, 7:10pm
Welcome cindycindy!

3-25-12, 7:37pm

I'm new too. I've been lurking awhile as well.

I live in the mid-Atlantic, am single and have been a school teacher for 13 years. I am very into frugal but not just frugality so I can save to buy stuff. I'm not very fond of consuming a lot, either. I'm anti-consumerist.

My goal is to do more things from scratch and not purchase as very much pre-made stuff. For instance, I'd like to learn how to reupholster furniture this year. I'd also like to spend more time reading and less time using electronic stuff.

This seems like an interesting site. I look forward to reading more.

3-25-12, 7:47pm
Hi bunnys! Welcome to you, too.

I have a friend who re-does furniture that she gets dirt cheap or free. She strips, paints, replaces hardware, then turns around and sells on CL for a bunch of $$. Your reupholstering idea reminded me of her.

I hear you on the electronic stuff!! Sucks me in several times a day.

What do you teach? I'm a teacher as well - licensed in Spanish and ESL and currently doing an instructional/technology coaching position. There are several teachers in K-12 and higher ed on the boards.

Float On
3-25-12, 9:40pm
Welcome bunnys! I've reupholstered 1 sofa and 2 chairs. Its a little work but a lot of reward.

3-28-12, 3:53pm
Welcome Cindy and Bunnys! This is a great community with many ideas and inspirations for all the different types of simple living lifestyles!

3-28-12, 5:43pm
Welcome from me, too! Three months ago I found an entire dresser in the street, which we sanded down, wood-filled, then repainted and added new hardware to. It looks great and cost us about $18 in supplies. Yesterday I found a perfectly good chair in the street, which has ugly upholstery (brown nylon "textury" stuff), but good bones. Now I'm on the lookout for fabric and paint.

These boards are REALLY great...people are so generous with advice, experience, information and support. Welcome to you both!