View Full Version : So...just how many pair of jeans do you own?

Float On
1-24-11, 5:05pm
I'll start off by saying in highschool in the early 80's - I probably owned 26 pair of jeans. All of them name-brand except the 2 pair for mucking stalls or hiking around in the woods. Then I went thru a stage in college where I didn't own a pair of jeans at all (except 1 pair back home on the farm for weekends). 20 some years post college I'm back to living in jeans full time Oct thru early April and have 5 pair but only 2 of them that I wear most of the time.

1-24-11, 5:27pm
I'm a terrible person to ask Re: jeans. I'm pear shaped so jeans tend not to fit me that well, but I do own two pair right now. One pair fit great, the other pair not so great. The not so great pair are comfy though.

Back in high school (early 80's) I lived in slacks and jeans and remember having 3-4 pairs of jeans on the go. Four babies later and being gifted with wider hips and a bigger booty than average, I tend to rely more on comfy fitting slacks these days.

1-24-11, 5:33pm
Absolutely NONE!

I just don't like them - I think my last pair of jeans were in the very early 70s!

1-24-11, 6:01pm
I was going to say 1 pair, then remembered I purchased 2 more pair at the thrift store. I had been planning on turning them into cut-offs since I wear more shorts than anything, but now am not sure cuz they fit very well and are well-made.

I generally only wear them sometimes in winter.

1-24-11, 6:23pm

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1-24-11, 7:22pm
Let's see...jeans for work, jeans for going out, jeans for the playground, jeans for fat days, jeans for skinny days, jeans that go with heels, jeans that go with boots, jeans that were awesome back when they used to fit ... We'll go with "several."

Pear shaped ladies -- buy jeans to fit your hips and bottom, and have the waistband taken in where it gaps. My dry cleaner does it for abut $10.

Float On
1-24-11, 7:24pm
Pear shaped ladies -- buy jeans to fit your hips and bottom, and have the waistband taken in where it gaps. My dry cleaner does it for abut $10.

Never thought of that! Good tip!

1-24-11, 7:45pm
I have four pair of flannel-lined jeans for winter, two pair of medium weight jeans for fall and spring, and four pair (two of which I dislike for the bad fit and which I mostly wear for gardening and housecleaning) for summer. I will probably get more since I plan to live in jeans when I reitre. :D

Anne Lee
1-24-11, 8:09pm

1-24-11, 9:00pm
I own 10 pairs of jeans.

1-25-11, 12:06am

In my defense, I'm hard to fit too - tiny and short. Lately my thrift store has had some good stuff in my size and I've been stocking up.

1-25-11, 3:11am
4 prs. presently that I live in in the winter. I love denim period and live in denim shorts and capris as well when the weather warms up. And I might add that I don't work outside the home any longer so 4 prs. is plenty.

1-25-11, 8:20am

I haven't owned a pair in years--not intentionally, but at my age, I'd have to spend a lot of money on a really nice-fitting pair, and then what's the point?

My favorite knock-around pants are yoga pants from Old Navy. They're cheap ($16) and they're the kind of material that you can wear throughout the day--you can wear them to the supermarket and it doesn't look like you've come from the gym or yoga studio (also they don't make you look like a sweatpant slob). They just look like black slacks, but boy, are they comfy! I highly recommend them

1-25-11, 9:05am
Probably about 10 pair. Four pair are not basic blue jeans. Of those, 3 are "dressier" jeans (decorated in some way, or designed differently). 1 pair is a different color. The others are in varying stages of wear.
I pay $2-5 for a pair of jean and am super picky about them when I buy them. Once I find a pair that fits properly and is stylish, I wear them until they are worn out. There are literally thousands of pairs of jeans in second hand stores for under $8 a pair. I won't buy them until they hit the $5 range. That limits my choices a bit. I buy a couple of pairs every 4-6 months.

1-25-11, 9:10am
I went through a stage of "no jeans" for a few years, but I'm back wearing them again. I have four pairs now.

1-25-11, 10:43am
6 across the spectrum from my church jeans to my garage jeans.

1-25-11, 10:50am
Not enough right now...I only have 4 pairs of pants, period! Three pairs of jeans and one dressy slack. I don't need to dress up for work but it would be nice to have another pair of jeans that fit well. I am a hard fit; I have super-long legs, not much butt but a muffin top. I have to spend $75 to $100 for jeans that look good and since I am a musician who performs and works in a very male environment (guitar shop) I feel like I am constantly being judged for how I look...I wish I could get to the point of not caring but I do enjoy it when I am still considered "hot" by all those college boys!

1-25-11, 12:30pm
I love jeans. I have 3 pair: 1 with a dressier cut and fit and length that I can wear to work with heels; 1 for weekends; and 1 covered in paint that I wear for, um, painting. I also have bigger hips than waist, so low rise (not super low, but definitely below the belly button), dark wash, and straight legs work best for me.

1-25-11, 4:12pm
I do own four denim skirts though.

1-25-11, 5:25pm
Four. And none of them fit properly, ha.

Simpler at Fifty
1-25-11, 6:52pm
5 pair. Two are 4 years old and very worn but still okay. Two are dark with a wide leg that I used to wear for 'good' but now wear all the time. The last pair is the oldest and does not fit the best. For plus size gals, try the 'right fit' jeans from Lane Bryant. I am a blue and 4 pair of my jeans fit perfectly. Catherines right fit jeans do not match the one at LB. They claim to be RF but they are not the same for a blue figure.

1-26-11, 11:08am
Originally posted by Maribeth.
Pear shaped ladies -- buy jeans to fit your hips and bottom, and have the waistband taken in where it gaps.Thanks Maribeth. This is something I'm going to have to check into the next time I'm looking at jeans.

1-26-11, 12:22pm
One pair dk blue. One pair of black.

1-26-11, 1:30pm
4 - Sorta faded, not so faded, too faded, and when I lose the weight pair (I leave them in the drawer to mock me everytime I open it) :devil:

1-26-11, 1:55pm
Lots, in a couple of sizes, several colors, and a number of styles. I really should sort and release a bunch back into the thrift stream, keeping only those that fit well and don't need the hemming I'm never gonna do anyway.

1-26-11, 4:58pm
I went through a big purging of pants in general a couple years ago...making peace with the fact I am never going to get in the small sizes again. So, I have 4 pairs of jeans.

Blackdog Lin
1-27-11, 5:40am
Don't know, let's go see.....

Okay, I have 6 pairs. Three blue jeans, and three black pairs. Blue: one "skinny" jeans, one "faded", one dark-wash "stretchy" and oh-so-comfy. Black: one "faded", and two pairs basic black. They are all well-fitting (except for the skinny jeans, which gap at the waist), and I wear them all regularly (both work and play).

The cool thing is looking through them I realized that 5 out of the 6 pairs came from the thrift store.