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3-26-12, 10:12pm
Hello. I've been following this forum for a few weeks now and decided to join.

A little about me: I'm happily married (this time!). No children from my first marriage, but my wife has a (now-grown) daughter from hers. Most of our family is local, and that's really nice!

Right now I'm transitioning to a career as a photographer after -- frankly -- getting fairly burned out from many many years in Information Technology. I love being behind a camera and I see photography as something I can do -- and love -- for many more years.

I'm calling my leaving IT "early retirement." My wife wants to work for a few more years and then she wants to retire, too. So we're now shifting into "retirement mode."

I am hopeful that will not take too much shifting. Both my wife and I are fairly simple people. We're not hung up on brand names. We don't do anything just because "everyone else is doing it" or because we want to impress. Both of us have had times in our lives when we were right on the financial edge, so we know how to stretch dollars. We're not homebodies but we don't need to spend lots of money to have lots of fun. And we both value family, social justice, and quiet time. That doesn't have much to do with not being consumers or frugality, but it seems to fit in well here. :-)

It's nice to meet a group of kindred spirits -- even virtually. So ... hello!

3-26-12, 10:15pm

Float On
3-26-12, 10:18pm

3-26-12, 10:26pm
Well hello, Steve, from a fellow St. Paulite! Nice to hear from you, and looking forward to hearing more.

Will you share a favorite photo or two with us?

3-27-12, 8:11am
Welcome! from another Minnesotan, in the north suburbs. The Twin Cities is a great place for those seeking a lifestyle of simplicity and frugality.

3-27-12, 9:58am
Welcome from a former resident of another state with lots of lakes...Michigan! :)

Sad Eyed Lady
3-27-12, 10:24am
Welcome to the forums!

3-27-12, 11:14am
Welcome from yet another Twin Citian! I look forward to reading your posts!

3-27-12, 12:37pm
It sounds like you and your wife are already well on the way down the simple living path. Welcome!

3-27-12, 6:38pm
What a warm welcome! Thank you! It's nice to see so many Twin Citians visiting here regularly.

fidgiegirl, I don't know if you had a chance to see the Winter Carnival Ice Sculptures this year (what with our almost-nonexistent winter). Here are a couple of fun ones:

Fanciful things:

And a quick round at the impromptu bowling alley:

Hope you enjoy them! I'm looking forward to getting to know people here better through reading and posting!


3-27-12, 8:45pm
Welcome and thanks for sharing the photos

3-28-12, 2:51pm
Beautiful photos Steve! Post some more as we don't get enough people posting photos here. And welcome to the forums. Many of the people here, and their posts, inspired me to retire while young and they have been invaluable support for simple, frugal living when I couldn't find it anywhere else!

3-29-12, 11:29am
Welcome Steve! You'll find great company here as you make that transition, and lots of inspiration. My husband and I are both Silicon Valley escapees so we totally relate to the technology burnout feeling! It's been several years since we've been directly involved in that industry, and we've never been happier. Good luck to you in your new life!

3-29-12, 6:08pm
They were fun! Thank you for sharing! :)

3-29-12, 6:33pm
Welcome! I love Minnesotans! (My brother and sister-and-law are ones--they live in Marine-on-the-St-Croix, near Stillwater).

Look forward to your contributions!