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Zoe Girl
4-3-12, 12:37am
Hi all, I wear a district ID all the time. Sometimes I even wear my nifty t-shirt with it. In any case I break and wear out almost everything I put my badge in. I am on my 3rd holder of some type in less than 2 years. I long ago cracked the actual badge where it could clip onto something so I am looking for clear holders that are sturdy and not too bulky and can hold the darn badge.

Any ideas? BTW I work with kids and am always hauling boxes of what people need so that is usually how something snaps.

4-3-12, 6:36am
What are you using for a holder now and where does it usually break? That would be helpful to know to recommend something different. Are there any restrictions on where the badge has to be on your person? Is it expected that it will be pinned on or is necklace type of holder ok?

4-3-12, 6:47am
The badges I had were always printed by the company onto hard plastic, with a hole punched in them for a clip or to hang on a lanyard.

4-3-12, 7:03am
I had a teacher friend who had special needs students. They made me a necklace with beads in the corporate colors. The badge hooks with the little hole to an alligator type clamp. Since yours is broken, could you drill or punch another hole that does not interfere with the strip?

Zoe Girl
4-3-12, 8:59am
Mine is printed on hard plastic and has a hold punched at the top, the hole is the part that snapped. I don't want to punch another one because I will end up with many broken holes I think. So I wear it on a lanyard around my neck, we can also clip it on. I think I am looking for the sturdy clear plastic to put it in and then clip it to the lanyard, unless there is something better. Maybe I will just get a package of them from Office Depot and expect to wear them out? I like the lanyard I have though, if pulled hard enough it has a release in back so it won't choke which is good for working with kids.

Float On
4-3-12, 9:22am
http://www.motivators.com/Promotional-Custom-TradeShowBadgePouchNotebook-15711.html We have several similar (but more simple) to this that we use at art shows. It lays better and gives us a little room to tuck extra business cards behind our show name badge. What we have doesn't have the extra section on the top (advertizing) but they are strong holders and don't tear apart when we're moving things around, bending over all the time, etc.

Blackdog Lin
4-3-12, 8:27pm
I know this wouldn't work for everyone, but.....I had the same problem, and just switched to clipping (using a clip attached to the hole at the top) the badge to the back side of my right shoulder seam. Easy enough to do, visible but out of the way, and it never gets in the way of doing my job. Haven't had to buy/replace any lanyards or new badges since I started doing this.....3 years ago, I think.....

4-3-12, 9:26pm
My badge is hard plastic. It actually was my key card for the old office, but we moved about six months ago. IT made ID badges out of thin plastic they stuck onto the actual key card. Now, I have a little fob thing, but I have one of those clips with the "string" on it, so I can pull it out from where it's clipped on my pant front pocket. I can't wear a lanyard. I'm extremely well-endowed and it just gets in the way. ;-) Several times when I've worn a dress with no pockets, I've clipped it to the neckline of my dress, towards my shoulder (V-neck dress). That worked OK and didn't get in the way.

I HAVE to wear mine. Since we run a bonded freight warehouse AND deal with air freight, we'd be looking at a $50 fine from TSA *per person* for each employee not wearing it. I'm not sure what the fine from Customs would be.

4-4-12, 9:50am
No badges in site anymore, woo hoo, however, when I did wear one on a lanyard I used to always get it caught in my desk and file cabinet drawers. On occasion I nearly choked myself into oblivion!

Zoe Girl
4-4-12, 10:06am
Good ideas, I am going to check them out. For this week it is not broken, woot! But like Tradd I need to wear mine all the time. Our schools and office operate on 100% basic lock down status and this shows the many schools I go to who I am and that I am okay around the children. It is fine with me since I hang little toys or put buttons on mine as well. Makes it fun