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4-3-12, 9:35am
Hi all!

I went for a run on Sunday and another short one this morning. The weren't long, but they were runs, and I am running a larger percentage of the outing each time. Not too precise, but heck, I know it. :)


4-3-12, 10:22am
I've been doing deep-water exercises 45 minutes 6 days a week. Its a great workout and its the only kind of exercise I like. Over the years I've done it all; at age 65 I finally found something I can live with. Being in the water is no impact so I have no pain from bursites or arthritis. I've been doing this for almost 6 months and am still enjoying it.

4-3-12, 7:43pm
I'm into the second week of my eight week 10k training program -- so far so good! Been using swimming as the "cross training" element in the routine, and that provides a nice alternative from the thrice-weekly running sessions.


4-3-12, 8:47pm
I took today off from my stationary bike exercise. This is the first day other than Sundays that I have missed since February. Tomorrow it's back to the bike.

4-4-12, 4:08pm
Right now I walk an hour every day. Although between my older dog and running into people I know, it is a very moderate walk. And at least 5 days a week I do the Jillian 30-day shred in the morning. That workout kicks my butt! I'm still on Level 1. I'm afraid to go to level 2 :|(.

But... right now I have some extra time and I'm wondering if I should take advantage and increase my workouts. The shred is less than 30 minutes so I could add another shred for a total of 1 hour. I've had great results with the shred but I'm a bit worried about bulking up too much. I gain muscle very quickly. And I thought about doing something complimentary like pilates but I just don't know how effective it really is at transforming the body. It seems more of a long-term thing.

I want to stay with videos for now because of the gains in time and convenience.

Does anyone do any of the Jillian Michaels tapes?

4-4-12, 4:36pm
Back on the bike this morning.

4-4-12, 5:06pm
Hi folks - can I join in?

Half hour run / walk this am.

4-4-12, 7:26pm
Hello all! Nice to see all the movin' and groovin'.

I have done Jillian, but not the whole program. Someone else owned the DVDs and would bring htem to work and we'd do them after school. But then they told us we can't do it anymore because if we were injured on school property, even if it was after work doing an activity that had nothing to do with work and organized by us and in no way by our bosses or superiors, then we could still make a workers comp claim. So ix-nay on the illan-Jay.

4-4-12, 10:04pm
Still doing my thing pretty much everyday, although today I almost blew it after work by having a sudden and intense craving for a significant amount of beer and the requisite cigarettes...but I took the high road and instead of heading to the bar to blow off some steam, I got on the bus and went home where I promptly changed into my tennis shoes and did my circuit around the park. I think it's a PMS day and that is why I let work aggravate me (which is NOT HARD to do).

4-4-12, 11:34pm
OMG SiouzQ that is awesome!! My nemesis is chocolate and I SO would have blown it. I have a ton of admiration for your willpower!

4-5-12, 10:57am
Thanks Fidgie! It's a good thing I am a hermit and the hermit side has taken over the past few weeks; I have not felt like socializing or being out at all after work lately, which has had great health benefits. Though tonight, I think I will go to the blues jam...I realize I am in a rut and the longer I don't get myself to go out and be amongst people, the harder it is to do it when I think I should. I'm aiming for some semblance of balance between being a recluse and allowing myself to have a little bit of a social life...:)

4-5-12, 3:53pm
Today's workout consisted of 10 minutes on the treadmill at 5% incline and 20 minutes of circuit training on the machines. I was huffing and puffing after the treadmill. Also, I have changed my mindset - if it's worth doing, it's worth doing to my best ability, not just go through the motions. I hope the circuits can help me firm up - it's bathing suit time!

4-6-12, 11:45pm
We were on the bikes for 13 miles today! Wowee. That's a lot for us. And I feel good! So that's a good sign, because I did a six mile ride a week or two ago and couldn't even hardly finish it. The running and biking must be making a difference.

4-15-12, 1:05pm
How's it going for everyone? SQ, lmerullo, lhamo, Florence, Glo, watergoddess? And of course anyone else who wants to chime in. . .

Went for my first 5K run this morning. I mapped it out online, so of course it wasn't precise like at a timed event. Took me 43 minutes, which I wasn't super pleased with, but it was my first try, it's a hilly route, and I didn't have the swarms of people around me to motivate me to keep running :) So 43 is my baseline for the season.

Feels good!!!! I am coming to terms with a realization that I am not quite sure that due to my hypothyroid that I will ever lose much weight, but when I exercise, I notice a difference in my core, my legs, my energy level, my stress level, reduced back pain, etc. All that is worth it!

4-15-12, 3:06pm
Our theme last week in Weight Watchers was exercise. A woman mentioned an exercise video that she used while recuperating from a fractured knee cap. It was called Chair Dancing. She said that it was a good workout which is done while sitting. I looked online and sure enough there are several Chair Dancing DVDs. I ordered one and see how it goes. I'll post again after I try it out and let you all know. You never know when you'll be incapacitated for a period of time and need something like this.

4-15-12, 6:16pm
Nice, Florence!! Another seated workout to check out is from SparkPeople. I know they have several. There are lots of vids to dig through but they are definitely there. Let us know how it goes.

4-18-12, 4:47pm
I finally made it to Level 2 on the 30-Day Shred! :cool: I started on Monday and I'm keeping up with it even though it's tough and makes me sweat like crazy. I haven't added any additional workouts though. It's kinda hard because I'm getting pretty good results so far, slow and steady but definitely something that can be sustained indefinitely. The workout gives me great energy with minimal effort - it's a 20 minute workout! But, I'm also starting to get a bit impatient for faster results. I think it's because I got hooked into watching The Biggest Loser two weeks in a row. I thought I was doing great until I saw that darned show! >:( How do they do that???!!! A 38-year old woman lost 90 lbs in about 3 months! :0! Now I feel like I'm going at a snail's pace. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it slow and steady or push myself to get faster results. We'll see.

4-18-12, 5:53pm
water - the trite response is that slow and steady is the sustainable model. I'm with you though - let's see some results!

Since my last check in, I've done several walks and one memorable dance workout - my son got a wii last summer, and as with most of those "gotta have" things, there it sits, unused. Well, I got a Just Dance disc and it's pretty good.... it is a fun workout, and the specs say you can burn up to 900 cals in an hour. I think that's severely overinflated, but I WAS huffing and puffing and had a pretty good "glow".

4-18-12, 7:04pm
WG - don't compare yourself! Remember, those people are on the Ranch, with no jobs there, no family there, 100% dedicated time for themselves and singular focus on weight. I feel better about my own progress since I stopped watching, actually.

Lmerullo, a friend of mine lost a lot of weight and Wii Fit was a big part of it for her. Maybe you can pick up a used one? You already have half the system. Dance party sounds fun!!!

Not much here, I need a new bra, mine cut me on the last run! Whoops, let it get a little tooooooo stretched out. Bike is in the shop. Hoping, hoping, hoping I will make it to yoga tonight. Not so sure as it is already 5:05 and the class is at 5:30. Such bad timing!! Maybe another place has a 6:30 class.

4-18-12, 8:53pm
I took today off; no real reason other than I just wanted to take a break. Back at it tomorrow. I'm up to 18 minutes now. (I started 2 months ago at 12 minutes so there is progress.)

4-19-12, 12:00am
I think it's almost time to buy a new sports bra. My main one is getting a little loose and I remember a site that was recommended to me a few years ago called See Jane Run: http://www.seejanerun.com/. I don't run, but I'm very busty and have to use two bras when I work out, a heavy-duty one and then a regular one on top. Apparently this company sells some really good sports bras for full-chested women. I took a look and they do look very well constructed.

I know there's a couple of runners here, I thought you might be interested. The bras are pricey, but I recently had a bra fitting at Nordstroms and bought two expensive bras and I've been amazed at the difference they've made. Maybe it will be the same with these. If anyone has tried them, I would love to hear what you think of them.

4-21-12, 1:02pm
I have been using an Enell bra, WG, and have liked it. I too am big on top and it's done the trick, until recently that it has become somewhat stretched out. A pass through the dryer (generally a big no-no for my bras, but done on purpose this time) snugged it up long enough to use it this morning. I need to buy another urgently, though. Thanks for the link. I am also going to try Nordstrom (where I buy my everyday bras) and maybe Title Nine (http://www.titlenine.com/) in Edina.

Speaking of this morning, I RAN THE WHOLE 5K!! For the first time ever!! Yippee, this has been a goal of mine for over a year and now I have done it. Awesome base situation for the rest of the season. My running buddy has it all worked out how we are going to do eight 5Ks. Works for me! We help keep each other on the straight and narrow.

4-21-12, 1:11pm
Nevermind on Title Nine, I called over and nothing big enough. Oh well, on to Nordstrom. They ain't failed me yet ;)

4-21-12, 1:21pm
Still pedaling away on the stationary bike!!

4-21-12, 4:16pm
I buy my shoes and clothes from Zombie Runner online. They sell heavy duty support bras. Here's a link. http://www.zombierunner.com/store/categories/clothing/bras/

I have really fallen off the wagon over the past few years with my exercise. I went from jogging 5-6 days per week down to one or two. I got on the treadmill this morning after a week of no exercise and did 5.4 miles in 62 minutes. Ack! A couple of years ago I was running 8 to 8:30 miles.

I just need to find a way to get motivated to get up an hour earlier before work to get the treadmill time in. During the work week, I think I am going to have to put my alarm clock around the corner in the bathroom so that I actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. Maybe that way I'll stay up and exercise. I nearly always just change the alarm to my normal wakeup time when it goes off, and I go back to sleep until I know I really have to get up so as not to be late for work.

4-21-12, 8:48pm
I'm about midway through my 8 week 10k training program and still mostly keepign up with it -- I have postponed a couple of sessions due to work/family commitments, but so far have managed to move my rest day around to accomodate. Yesterday I missed a 50 minute cross training session, though -- will have to do a 6.45 km run AND a swimming session today to make up for it. I've done similar in the past, though, so should be ok.

I'm not noticing any change in my weight, holding steady at 65-66 kgs, but my muscle tone has changed dramatically. Hoping this means a major metabolic boost is just around the corner as I am converting fat to muscle. I do find it harder to stick with the low carb approach as I increase the length of my runs. Had a nice high carb breakfast of english muffin with peanut butter and jam just now -- with the excuse that that will fuel my run in a little bit.

Thanks for the tips on the sports bras! I got a couple from Champion last summer, but I am not thrilled with them, and thinking about investing in something more substantial.

Anne M, I'm still not sure if I'll make it back this summer due to work/family scheduling issues, but if I do maybe we can try to find a 5 or 10k run we could do together. It would be fun to have something like that to look forward to, and maybe it will help us both stay motivated/on track.


4-22-12, 12:33am
That would be fun! Which month would you be here? I'll look around and see what's scheduled.

pony mom
4-24-12, 10:22pm
I also do the Shred and HATE Level 2!!!!! Loved Level 1 and actually looked forward to doing it every day but 2, OMG! Hate the Squat Thrust things, all the lunges and the squats with the V shaped raise. I hate it so much that I can see myself quitting entirely. Never even glimpsed at Level 3, which is probably much worse.

To avoid doing it daily, I started From Couch to 5K. I've never attempted to run before and want to do it slowly. So, 3 days a week I go on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and walk/jog and I'm enjoying it. It's much easier than Shredding for sure. A few of my female massage clients in their mid to late 50s have started running and love it. One now does half marathons, another has lost so much weight that her skin is sagging and she needs to wear girls' bras. I thought she had an illness as she was thinner every time I saw her. So now I'm hoping to lose fat by running and build muscle and tone up by Shredding. OK, I'm thin already but don't like my pouchy belly.

I saw huge results when I started Level 1 but now that's tapered off in Level 2. It's really a great kiick-a** workout and the results come so quickly. I don't push myself hard enough in Level 2 but would give it my all if Jillian was screaming at me, like she did on Biggest Loser.

Here's a link to C25K http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml So far it's pretty easy and you may get the results you're looking for in a kinder, gentler way.

4-24-12, 11:16pm
pony mom, I did C25K and liked it. I never did finish, but it helped build my confidence. Not sure if you are an iPhone or iPod user but if you are check out the C25K app. It keeps your time for you for the intervals. But you don't need it, obviously a lot of people have done the program with no app.

4-25-12, 9:50am
Hey all, I gave up and ordered Enell bras again online. It worked well enough 'til it got too stretchy, but I used it for a year. Since this thread started in March I have started exercising a lot more :) so this time I ordered two. Freshpair.com is having a 25% off site-wide with free shipping until the 27th. Code is FF2012. I saved $36 on the two bras. Pretty much they are $64 each no matter where you buy them.

Went for 30 minutes this morning, and even ran up two hills! That was hard. I'll have to do it again :D

4-25-12, 11:34am
Pony - I got started into running with the C25K program, too... it presumes one can already walk for 30 minutes several times a week, so if you don't have a walking base, perhaps preface the program with several weeks of just walking. I am on a runners community - and many new runners experience injuries due to the new stress of running on an unprepared body. Just a friendly warning :).

Does anyone else experience weight gain when getting back on the bandwagon, exercise-wise? I have really been renewing my efforts to work out more often, and put in the effort when working out instead of just going through the motions... well, today I weigh 2.5 lbs more! It could be de-motivating.

Mighty Frugal
4-25-12, 5:37pm
I just read through the entire 4 pages of this thread and would like to join in!

This is my year of 'DO' and one of my 'Do's is being as healthy as possible. So I have really ramped up my exercise (which I have hated all my life-super lazy)

I work out in a free gym in my office building. I work out 4 days a week.
2 days of jogging for 30 minutes and walking for 10 (I jog at number 4-not sure if that is km or miles) but it is a straight 30 min jog-which I couldn't even jog for one minute a year ago;)
2 days I do strength training. 1 of those are 60 lunges, 60 squats and 60 bench presses and 60 this other arm thingy-ugh I hate this day-Tuesday
the other strength day is working on machines-again 2 legs and 2 arms and 3 sets of 20 reps each

I am too afraid to weigh myself but find I am not losing weight (could be my penchant for late night chocolate snacking) but I feel so much STRONGER!!! And I finally have a bum:~):~):~)

I am interested in the Jillian Michaels tape and know a few people who did it and they said it was brutal and they couldn't even sit on the toilet seat the next day-haha

If I ever lose my gym I will try some of these tapes at home but I prefer to exercise during my lunch hour at work that way I don't cut into family time with my kids (or sleep time!!)

4-25-12, 6:55pm
I also got into running with CT5K -- I kind of started in the middle of the program as I found I could already run more than I thought at the beginning. I like how flexible and slow paced it is in terms of ramping you up. I am now doing an 8 week 10k training program that is much more rigorous/fast paced, but still managable. It increases the entire length you run every week by .5 miles. My long run this weekend (end of week 5) will be 4.5 miles (7.26k).

lmerullo, weight gain can be common at the outset of a new exercise program, especially if you are doing strength training. I have been at a plateau of around 65-66 kgs for the past several months, but in the past two months my body shape has been changing dramatically, especially my legs -- I now have noticable definition in my thighs especially, instead of just saggy flab. You also may be taking in more calories because exercise can make you very hungry! My advice would be to focus on the fitness first, getting your strength and endurance levels to a certain point, and then tackle diet issues. I exercised regularly for several months last year and it wasn't until I shifted to a low carb diet that the weight really started to come off. That is around the corner for me again this year -- low carb is easier for me in the spring and summer. I want to reach my 10k goal before I go back to a more restricted diet, though, as I find I don't have the stamina for long runs when I'm really low carbing.


pony mom
4-26-12, 11:16am
Mighty Frugal, Jillian IS brutal, but the changes come so quickly that it's worth it. The moves themselves aren't especially difficult, and when you just can't do another repetition, she changes to something else. The Shred is 3min. of strength, 2min. of cardio and 1min. of abs. I usually throw myself onto the floor, grateful to do abs--the cardio kills me. My advice is to do it every day for at least the first week. I was very sore, mostly in my calves from jumping so much, but it would have been much worse if I hadn't worked out daily. Within 4-5 days you will see a difference; I did, mostly in my waistline. I'm boy-shaped, no curves, straight up and down, and now I have a shape! So bite the bullet and just do it as much as you can.

So far the CT5K is easy for me. I'm only at Week 2 and I'm looking forward to the increasing difficulty. I say that now.......

5-4-12, 2:03pm
I just got caught up on this thread.

Fidgie - thanks for the link! I like that site better because it offers the measurements for the bras. I hope they'll still do the discount, that's the bra I've been eyeing.

I just finished week 3 of Shred Level 2!!! I'm quite proud of myself :). It's hard. I think doing the Level 1 for two months really helped build up the muscles and stamina to be able to do level 2. I remember when I tried it last year I was only able to do a day or two before I quit. In addition, for the last two weeks, I do Level 2 and immediately follow it with Level 1 to get a double workout. I'm using 4 lb weights for both. When I did Level 1 by itself I did the last month at 5 lbs. I've cut back my walking to 30 minutes a day. My energy and stamina have shot thru the roof! I can go for hours working in the garden doing things like digging (in heavy clay dirt) and hauling bags of mulch around. That's one of the things I love about this workout. I look better and I'm stronger. I've had a nice spike in my weight loss too and my clothes are getting much looser. Now when I don't workout I actually miss it. I never thought I'd feel like that!

A couple of weeks ago I did a one hour run/walk just for fun and I really liked it. I especially liked how it works the inner thighs! But... most runners I know have knee problems and that's been holding me back from running. My right knee sometimes acts up from an old exercise injury (which came from working with a personal trainer who was not qualified). Now I worry about aggravating it and having it act up more.

For you runners:

Do you ever suffer from knee problems?
How often do you run? And do you do other exercise to counter the stress that running puts on the joints?

I'm going to see if I can add some Pilates to stretch my muscles and joints out. I don't want to overwork my body.

pony mom
5-18-12, 10:51pm
Still doing the Cto5K and today I had to jog 2 miles without any walking. It was pretty difficult, and I did it outside instead of on a treadmill. I shouldn't be too hard on myself, as I jogged 3/4 mile, walked 1/4, then jogged the last mile.

My main problem was breathing. I was so out of breath from the start. My warmup was a brisk 1/4 mile walk--should I do something else instead? The second part, the whole mile after my 1/4 mile walk, was a bit easier for me. Will my breathing adjust at the start with practice?

I'm not a hot and humid weather person for sure so I'm not sure what I'll be doing when summer finally comes. Not sure the correct way of breathing while running either, as I can't breathe from both nostrils at the same time (one or the other is always partially blocked) so I breathe through my mouth. I sounded a bit wheezy at the end.

But I will persevere!

5-19-12, 3:11am
I ran my 10k on the treadmill today! It was ridiculously slow -- took me almost 85 minutes -- but that was partly because it is a nasty hot, humid day and I have this thing where my pores clog up and I get massively overheated if it is too humid, so I as I felt my body temp rising I thought it best to slow down the pace rather than have heat stroke prior to getting to my goal.

I kind of slacked off on the training program the past two weeks, and I probably should have repeated them, but today was the Great Wall Marathon and a friend was running the 10k with that this morning, starting about the same time I got on the treadmill, so I thought it was good if I just pushed through. DH also just left on a nearly two week business trip, so my time at the gym will be limited the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to get this goal crossed off the list.

I have discovered I don't like running long distances, at least not on the treadmill. Too repetitive/boring, even with good music. Though I must say, I now feel like i can reward myself with a new soundtrack!

I think for my next phase I'm going to go back to the 5 k approach, and work on getting my speed up again. And doing high intensity interval training, which is supposed to be best for both weight loss and building aerobic capacity.