View Full Version : Preserving Momentum in a Job Search . . .

4-4-12, 7:18pm
I am beginning the search for a new position for next year. But I come home in the evening and get nothing done toward this end. I have started a new resume. I have started an electronic portfolio. But then I just go, "whew." So much to do. And I do none of it.

Any tips to keep this process moving forward?

4-4-12, 7:35pm
Think and think about your dream job, in great detail. What you will do on an hourly basis, the people you will interact with, the accomplishments you will achieve. I find this helps to not only focus the search, but energize the search.

4-4-12, 8:11pm
Kelli, it always helps me -- with ANY big, daunting task -- to break it down into blocks no bigger than 15 minutes. If you choose to do more than one block, that's fine, but having this small, bite-sized task is so much easier for me to talk myself into than anything bigger. A coach I worked with called the "microblocks" (though I call them "microbursts"! ) Is there something you could do tonight that would be A) fun-ish, and B) bite-sized?

4-4-12, 8:40pm
Thank you both. You have me thinking about tackling this differently.

herb, I like your suggestion because I am a little afraid I'll end up taking anything just to take something. And I really don't need to do that.

pug, tonight I did pick a new layout for my electronic portfolio, and made some of the existing language more succinct. I also picked a few new images to include. So I guess that is something!! :)

4-4-12, 8:40pm
Well I don't know the status of your job situation. Will you be unemployed next year etc.? I mean the honest truth is, if one has a job, job searching is generally not urgent. And if one has a job and is just looking for something better than you can just view it as "fun" .... as say finding out what's out there (not sure this applies to your situation but I mean browsing job posting etc.). Finding out what would appeal to you really. And if nothing appeals in that situation you can just stay with whatever work you have (whether or not it appeals :)). It's kind of like window shopping or maybe browsing the books on Amazon or something and you may or may not "buy" anything (which in this case means apply for a job). I mean ok I don't think job searching is entirely fun (I might rather shop in earnest for products), but I'm saying how you could view things if it's not urgent as just window shopping around for work. Job searching when unemployed has a more stressful character (but it's usually done when you have lots of time, so that kind of makes up for it).

4-4-12, 9:38pm
I can't say enough about the "microburst" approach (good neologism, Puglogic). Without it, I would never get anything done. Sometimes I even make a To Do list with teeny increments to check off. Find an envelope, check. Put a stamp on it, check. Look up the refund address in the 1040 manual, check.

4-4-12, 10:19pm
ANM, I have a position for next year, but it is a job I have done in the past and don't particularly want to go back to. I would if I didn't find anything else suitable, however. It is kind of in the "window-shopping" phase right now, though, like you said. Thank God I am not unemployed.

There is definitely a cycle of hiring in teaching, though, and we are kind of entering "high season," so to speak. That's kind of why it's on my mind. Pretty much people don't switch jobs during the school year except in very unusual circumstances.