View Full Version : Can I live here?

4-6-12, 1:56pm

That little house is so adorable, and surrounded by all those beautiful flowers!!

4-6-12, 3:21pm
Love it!

4-6-12, 3:31pm

4-6-12, 3:51pm
Yes! It has me written all over it! A clothesline off to the side, and I'd be set!

4-6-12, 7:12pm
that is very cute. :)

i love our little cottage, and have started talking to DH about getting it sorted and pretty over the next year. It will involve a lot of work -- painting, decluttering (well, I'm a minimalist and I feel overwhelmed), and some good organization work for what we do have.

and, i want to really get the garden rolling out.

on the positive side, the lavender in the front part is doing well, but i'd like to by 3-5 more plants to put in there. and the side garden on the other side of the door and fence, it needs some work too. I'm thinking mono-planting along that side as well (more lavender) and underplanting with either creeping thyme or periwinkle. (I'm thinking periwinkle).

i want to move the clothes drying into the "green house" -- as more sunlight will dry things faster -- and then also plant that greenhouse a bit with herbs for the winter. In spring, I think I'd like to work on the side garden some more. . . the side by our landlady and then the back by our gate.

Then I want to start on the interior.

4-7-12, 9:27am
This is very cute. I should find a copy of that magazine and put the cover on my fridge for inspiration!

4-8-12, 10:49am
Yes Cathy, you can live there! I have a card with a copy of Gustave Baumann's "Grandma Battin's Garden (http://www.postersofsantafe.com/products/view/7/21) and it has always been an inspiration for me. My home looks nothing like it, but the idea of the picture has guided my landscaping. I do have a little old wooden chair sitting by my front door that I saved from the alley and painted.

4-8-12, 11:45am
That is lovely, Jania!