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1-25-11, 4:11pm
Hi all,
So now that everyone knows who the New Road Map Foundation is... ;)

I'm working on a research project about how people successfully get out of debt, under the auspices of NRM. We have a survey all ready to collect information. Now we just have to figure out how to get it out there so folks find it! I've spent the last ten years avoiding ads, so I don't have the skill set this task requires...

Is there someone out there with PR/publicity/marketing expertise that might be willing to advise? Thanks.

1-25-11, 4:48pm
Not a PR person, but is there any chance you could get a big-name financial advice person to help spread the word -- Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman, for example? Seems like something they would be supportive of. Liz Pulliam Weston also comes to mind. Maybe partner with one of the finance magazines and see if you can get links on their website? This seems like something that they might be interested in as the basis for an article.

Littler-name financial bloggers with a strong following would also be a good target -- JD Roth and Trent Hamm are both fans of YMOYL, and would probably be inclined to help.

Social media is another way to go -- start mobilizing your "small army" here at the SNL forums and we can help you get the word out through other forums we participate in. early-retirement.org would be a good place to try to find participants, as many people there are debt-free.


1-30-11, 8:25pm
I also think that those of us who work with financial planners, who do local radio shows, and seminars... We are meeting with our financial adviser tomorrow, I can get them in touch with you, they are supporters of YMOYL, and they do a local radio show weekly on the weekend. Would that be the help you are looking for??

Anne Lee
1-31-11, 9:53am
Press releases to the financial press, including online press.
Put a link EVERYWHERE, including this forum.
It doesn't hurt to spend money on Google ads for this kind of thing. Their advertising is quite reasonable and can be targeted.

1-31-11, 7:05pm

I would be happy to give some advice and possibly help promote. I write a lot in financial press. I see that you are in Boulder, too--so am I.

One of the things I find disappointing is that the whole FI model is not more widely disseminated--there is a lot here that is so valuable. So...drop me a line: geoff (at) quantext (dot) com

1-31-11, 11:29pm
thanks for the ideas... they're great and shall be used. I'm looking for someone good at writing ad copy. Geoff, I'll definitely get in touch, thanks.

2-4-11, 2:27pm
Once you have a link, make sure to post it here so those of us who do social media etc can have at it.